Overclocking or Overvoltage failed?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Jay777, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Dec 8, 2009
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    Hey everyone,I am new to this forum,any help would be appreciated

    My name is Jay,and my computer is a desktop that has 3 gigs of RAM and a dual core 1.6Ghz CPU.Now,my computer have been fine for a year until two weeks ago.I was playing an online RPG game called Runes of Magic,when suddenly my computer just shut down.When I turned it on again,I went on Runes of Magic again,and the same thing happened,my computer just shut down.I repeated this a few times to see if it would go away,but it didn't.I gave up trying to resolve the issue,even though I don't even know what is wrong.

    The next day I turned on my computer again,then there was a beep(not sure if my computer beeped at start up before I had any problems),and then a message appeared after the BIOS I think.I think it said it detected all my hardware,and at the bottom it said ''Overclocking or Overvoltage failed''

    Thing is that I never overclocked,so I would think its the overvoltage.

    Here is a quote from someone that replied to a similar thread :

    ''It's very possible that your power supply unit
    , which you don't mention, is
    overtaxed by your harddrives
    ' power load, and thus the PSU is becoming
    unstable in voltage output.''

    Come to think about it,it seems like my computer only shuts off most of the time when I open a program that uses 200,000k of memory or more.One time,I even heard sparks coming from the PSU after my computer shut off by itself.

    If anyone can help me in any way,I would be grateful because I would be bored as hell without my computer.If you need additional information on my computer just ask

    Thank you
    Jay777, Dec 8, 2009
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