P4 3 switch to p4 3.4 Extreme Edition ? possible with my original Asus p4p800 Deluxe [not the E vers

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Henry1, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Henry1

    Henry1 Guest

    P4 3 switch to p4 3.4 Extreme Edition ? possible with my original Asus
    p4p800 Deluxe [not the E version] with bios 1019.005 ?

    Hi i already have a Intel® Pentium® 4 - 3.0C-GHz @ 800Mhz w/ 1Mb (Socket
    478) on my original Asus p4p800 Deluxe motherboard and it
    runs ok with 1 gb of good dual channel memory and other fast video and hard
    drive etc.

    I was wondering what kind of @ performance increase % wise would i see if i
    replaced the 3.0 cpu with either the Intel® Pentium® 4
    3.2C or 3.4C -GHz Extreme Edition @ 800Mhz w/ 2Mb (Socket 478)?

    Also, would i need to reinstall windows Xp or not after such a cpu switch?

    Thanks Alot
    Henry1, Oct 26, 2004
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  2. Henry1

    DaveW Guest

    You would NOT have to reinstall XP, as long as you do not change the
    DaveW, Oct 26, 2004
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  3. Henry1

    Bob Knowlden Guest

    According to Asus' mainboard/CPU compatibility list, the Extreme Edition
    CPUs are supported by BIOS 1012 and newer.


    (This isn't a direct link for the P4P800 deluxe, but it's simple to get
    there from this link.)

    I don't know what performance boost you might expect from an Extreme Edition
    CPU. It would depend on the application, I suppose If you mainly wish to
    play Doom3 at a high frame rate, see:


    I'm pretty sure that, as another poster remarked, you'd not have to
    re-install XP after swapping in an EE CPU.

    If the prices at www.newegg.com are representative, the EE CPUs are absurdly
    expensive (approx. $1000US).

    I recently upgraded from a P4P800 (not a Deluxe) with an A8V Pro and an
    Athlon64 3500+ CPU. (The new build re-used everything but the mainboard and
    CPU.) A month ago, the upgrade cost $500US. It would be less today. I'm not
    an AMD fan or a convert, but I wanted to keep my 6800 GT graphics card, and
    the A64 upgrade path seemed likely to be the most satisfactory for the
    price. I'm happy with it, so far.

    Address scrambled. Replace nkbob with bobkn.
    Bob Knowlden, Oct 27, 2004
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