P4C-800 vs P4P-800

Discussion in 'Asus' started by RedRider134, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. RedRider134

    RedRider134 Guest

    MY friend and I have comparibles systems withthe exception of the
    motherboards, his being a P4C, but his system seems to rum faster, is there
    much of a performance difference between the boards?
    RedRider134, Jul 5, 2004
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  2. RedRider134

    Paul Guest

    The Northbridge chips on the two boards are identical. One difference
    might be whether the PAT/MAM feature is enabled on the two boards,
    but Asus uses a trick to allow it to run on both boards. Consult
    abxzone.com forums search engine, using the search term "ctiaw",
    to find some threads on experiments done on that feature. (ctiaw
    is a program that can display the status of that feature.) I doubt
    the difference is measurable at the application level though (i.e.
    it won't make the desktop feel snappy or anything).


    There are so many Windows tweaks that could make the difference.
    If your friend knows how to prune the garbage out of the OS, that
    would help.

    Are you using different video cards ? Is his video card overclocked
    via a tweaker program ?

    A reason for buying a P4C800, is if you want to overclock in
    1:1 mode to a high overclock. The P4P800 will develop video artifacts
    if you do this, while the P4C800 won't. This has to do with the
    binning or sorting of chips at Intel. The best chips are used
    as 875's and the second best become 865's. The package the chips
    are put in is different (has a different number of pins), but
    that doesn't change the fact that they are the same die. With the
    exception of overclock potential in 1:1 mode, simply compare the
    products for the included peripherals, to make a purchase decision.
    If your dream is to go to FSB1000 and use two sticks of PC4000+
    memory in dual channel mode, then a P4C800 board is the one to use.

    Paul, Jul 5, 2004
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  3. RedRider134

    DaveW Guest

    The P4c800 is ~5% faster than your board.
    DaveW, Jul 6, 2004
  4. RedRider134

    RedRider134 Guest

    Thanks gentlemen, makes sense....
    RedRider134, Jul 6, 2004
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