P4C800-E: Migrating a RAID 0 from Promise PATA to Intel Sata ?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Joachim Klein, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Hi!
    I have a stripeset of 2 Hitachi Deskstar 180 GXPs on the P4C800-E´s PATA
    RAID-port (Promise 378). I also have a nice set of two Abit Serillel
    PATA-to-SATA dongles.
    Can I move this stripeset from PATA to SATA w/o having to reinstall the
    whole f...ing system ?
    Did anyone try this ?
    Thanx in advance for your input !

    Cya -

    Joachim Klein, Nov 25, 2003
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  2. Joachim Klein

    DanO Guest

    You'll have to recreate everything. You cannot move the stripeset.
    DanO, Nov 26, 2003
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  3. Joachim Klein

    LeeBos Guest

    Make a Ghost, or equivalant, image and migrate that way.
    LeeBos, Nov 26, 2003

  4. i dont think the other who have replied to your post have actually tried it
    ! i can tell you that i succesfully moved 2x120gb from the one pata cable to
    th 2 sata ports on the promise controller, also using pata to sata
    converters....no problem, didnt even have to go into the promise bios or
    anything....i just moved them !

    also i moved them from an promise sx4000 controller to the onboard, and the
    onboard promise recognised everything...

    both times i was moving raid 0 arrays.....both times i had zero trouble !
    promise controllers stores all information about the array on the HD so when
    you move them the new promise controller will look on the disk for
    info....no prob

    you cant move the stripe to the southbrige (intel)controller that wont
    work....only promise to promise

    p4c800-e 2.8 @ 3.4 2x512 hyperx 3200
    4x120gb raid 0 on onboard promise controller
    4x250gb raid 5 on promise sx4000 controller with 256 mb cache
    2x36 gb raid 0 raptors on onboard intel controller
    yamaha fs1 burner
    some ugly 48 speed cdrom drive
    hauppauge PVR350
    antec 550 w truepower in aopen hx08 highly modifyed to acommodate harddisks
    without overheating
    asetec waterchill cooling CPU, GPU, NB, and soon raid arrys...
    only 2x120mm fans which are not silent but very low noise
    Lasse Lundberg, Nov 26, 2003
  5. Joachim Klein

    DanO Guest

    I concur that you can move a Promise Stripeset from Promise controller to
    Promise Controller. I understood the OP to mean move from Promise PATA to
    Intel SATA. My bad... Although, it would seem to be a waste to not use the
    Intel SATA Raid as it takes the load off of the PCI bus.
    DanO, Nov 26, 2003
  6. Precisely.
    To move the array within the same controller indeed shouldn´t be very
    critical as the RAID-BIOS is the same. But you gain nothing except the
    stylish thin cables in the end as the Promise SATA-ports are attached to the
    PCI bus in the same way the PATA-ports are...

    I think I´ll backup my RAID 0 array and just try...

    Thanx for your precious advice !

    Cya -

    Joachim Klein, Nov 26, 2003
  7. Joachim Klein

    Rob Stow Guest

    Ribbon cables are bad enough when you only have a 4 drive
    RAID and a couple of optical drives - but the OP has
    10 hard drives and 2 optical drives. I would think that
    getting down to just one ribbon cable for the optical
    drives and using SATA cables would be critical. Even if
    some of his hard drives are PATA, he should consider using
    SATA cables and some SATA-to-PATA adapters.

    In addition to merely making the interior of the case more
    managable, the improved airflow can reduce temperatures in
    the case enough that it will make a difference in the lifetimes
    of the drives - not to mention the other components in the case.
    I once saw a 6'C drop in the case temperature and an 4'C drop
    in hard drive temperatures just by moving from 3 ribbon cables
    to 1 ribbon and 4 SATA: the SATA-to-PATA bridges that I
    had to use were well worth there small cost.
    It also resulted in a noticably quieter system.

    in the end as the Promise SATA-ports are attached to the
    Rob Stow, Nov 26, 2003
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