P4C800E-Deluxe - SATA Failure, need recommendations

Discussion in 'Asus' started by bob, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. bob

    bob Guest

    I have a P4C800E-Deluxe, running 2 Western Digital IDE drives as C:
    and D, and a mirrored 250Gb drive as my main data partition.

    A few months ago, the SATA controller blew out, and fried a drive. I
    got the data back, and had to RMA the motherboard...

    It just happened again. I heard a light clicking and traced it to one
    of the SATA 250's.
    i thought the power was loose, b/c i could hear it powering up and
    down. I hit the power cable to the drives, and both drives powered
    down... OS locked up (Windows XP Pro).

    powered on.. neither drive seen by system on controller.

    one drive wouldn't power on, the other clicked.
    swapped pcb's on the drives. the drive that didn't power on came up...
    and clicked.
    the drive that WAS clicking now wouldn't power on. that told me both
    pcb's likely fried.

    got 2 new drives from WD, via RMA.
    put the new drive on the SATA RAID (the intel controller)...
    nothing... would not see it.

    put new drive on promise controller, it came right up.

    took pcb off new drive put onto old drives.. both spin and click...
    neither seen by system on either SATA controller.
    put pcb back on "new" drive... came right up on the promise... nothing
    on the Intel.

    here's where i need help...
    need to get data recovery on the drives. anyone have experience with
    any of the companies? Some will maintain the WD warranty.

    next thing.. the intel controller seems fried.... again...
    it seems the P4C800E-Deluxe is no longer available?? i can't find it
    anywhere. would likely just buy a new one...
    or is there another current board that does socket 478, sata raid on
    intel, and takes the same ram?

    data recovery is gonna suck but i have no idea what else to do, i
    need the stuff back.
    any recommendations on other things to look at is appreciated.
    bob, Oct 15, 2005
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  2. bob

    BC Guest

    Sorry to hear about your nightmare.

    From Newegg, boards that have the 875 chipset, and SATA RAID:

    SUPERMICRO MBD-P4SCT+II-O Socket 478 Intel 875P ATX Server Motherboard
    - Retail $268.99 + $6 shipping.


    ASUS P4P800SE Socket 478 Intel 865PE ATX Intel Motherboard -
    Retail $93.50, free shipping


    183 positive reviews from customers, 5/5 stars

    ABIT IS7 Socket 478 Intel 865PE ATX Intel Motherboard -
    Retail $94.00 $2.50 ship


    122 reviews, 4/5 stars (or "eggs")

    ASUS P4P800-E DELUXE Socket 478 Intel 865PE ATX Intel Motherboard -
    Retail $115.50 $3.50 ship


    772 reviews--most I have ever seen, actually, 4/5 stars

    ABIT IC7-G MAXII Socket 478 Intel 875P ATX Intel Motherboard -
    Retail $142.00 $3.50 ship


    464 reviews 4/5 stars

    Note: ABIT having some financial problems from what I have read--and,
    have read anecdotal reports that their Quality Control has fallen
    off--but, not from any sort of reliable source.

    TYAN S5101ANNRF Socket 478 Intel 875P ATX Intel Motherboard -
    Retail $165.99 $5 ship

    1 review, 5/5 stars

    It sounds like you need a super stable reliable motherboard (don't we
    all?). Had a CUSL2-M that ran for me nonstop for almost 4 years, so I
    am an Asus fan, but, am using a Tyan board now that has been excellent.

    But, if you need a sort of a server type board, built to take a bit more
    abuse than a regular consumer motherboard, you might want to go to
    Newegg's Server Motherboard section at


    If you put in "Socket 478" and "DDR 3200" in the search fields, there
    are ten boards--but, only one, the Supermicro, has an AGP slot. (The
    Tyan 875P board has one too.)

    By the way, your power supply? Based on what I have seen and read, PC
    Power and Cooling is the best--built a P5WD2 system with my son, had a
    Seasonic power supply that looked good on paper, but, with a pretty
    standard configuration (3.2 Ghs Pentium, @ sticks Kingston Ram, 3 Hard
    drives, one DVD drive, 6600Gt video card, used onboard sound), it
    couldn't hack it--system would crash, not boot up properly at
    times--PCPC unit fires it up with ease. No, not cheap, but, if you have
    an underpowered power supply, that might account for some of the issues
    you have been having. (If it cost less than about $100, with all those
    hard drives you have, I would be surprised if it was up to the task).

    Best of luck--
    BC, Oct 15, 2005
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  3. bob

    Paul Guest

    First of all, look for this burn mark on the Southbridge.


    There are some replacements here. One is not S478, so look at the
    specs carefully before buying. Intel branded motherboards are not
    intended for overclocking, so that is one feature you'll be losing.


    As for the chipset, recent press announcements show that Intel is
    not able to meet demand for new chipsets. AFAIK, the production
    of ICH5(R) has stopped, so once any inventory of those chips at
    Asus is exhausted, they'll stop making the motherboards. They'll
    keep inventory for RMA purposes, and also keep a supply of
    chips for doing RMA repair (like soldering a new chip in place of
    the one depicted in the Abxzone article).

    When you get your new system set up, buy a separate controller
    card and plug it into the PCI bus. You'll want to keep a respectful
    distance away from any ICH5 disk controller interfaces.

    There was one other poster here, who had an inordinate number of
    burned boards (I think he said five failures). I'd like to know
    what factors you and that poster have in common, as there has got
    to be some component in the computer, or some prevalent bad
    environmental condition, to suffer so many failures.

    Whatever that factor happens to be, whether it is the "ESD/latchup"
    theory or some other, I would find a way to avoid using interfaces
    on the Southbridge, especially if the Southbridge can kill disk

    Another option would be to try a different Southbridge.
    Boards like P4GPL-X and P4GD1 use 915 chipsets (PCI Express),
    with ICH6 Southbridge. You'll need a different video card
    to use one of them, but would get to keep using the S478
    processor. These boards are not available in all markets,
    so you may not see them at a local computer store.


    Other options would be to look for an ATI chipset with your
    S478 socket on it (which I wouldn't do). There could well be
    some SIS or Via solutions, where the main concern might be
    how well the AGP video card gets along with the motherboard.

    As for data recovery, there seem to be firms all over the
    place who do that stuff. I think there might be two small
    ones where I live. The only way they could keep a warranty,
    is if they just do board swapping of the controller on the
    drive. If the HDA has to be opened, I cannot imagine that
    being approved by a disk manufacturer (imagine the expense
    of sending a company representative to review practices
    at every little mom-and-pop data recovery firm, trying to
    figure out if their air quality is class 100 in the
    disassembly room). Maybe they can hide their handywork well
    enough to fool the RMA people, and that is what
    "maintaining the warranty" means :) If they can "maintain
    the warranty", then that means the drive must be permanently
    repaired ?

    Paul, Oct 15, 2005
  4. bob

    BobMarley Guest

    I have a Thermaltake case... the 1420
    so it has a 420W PS and 7 fans
    i added some neon lights to it for flair

    am an asus fan also... how is the P4P800SE? Is it reliable?
    is it as fast as the 875P chipset?
    i thought the 875P was required to do the intel raid.. which i recall
    being preferred over promise
    BobMarley, Oct 15, 2005
  5. bob

    BobMarley Guest

    not sure what the cause was... i don't overclock, and have little
    running in it that would pull a lot of power...

    likely just bad luck

    WD has a list of certified recovery places, that maintain warranty
    with any work they do...
    BobMarley, Oct 15, 2005
  6. bob

    bob Guest

    no burn mark on the southbridge... must be something else..
    bob, Oct 15, 2005
  7. bob

    bob Guest

    went ahead and bought the P4P800SE...
    will likely just do a replacement of the system board.. at least that
    way nothing is burned out or dead. maybe will rma the p4c800e-deluxe
    after the other arrives...

    now i just need to do data recovery on the drives... that's gonna suck
    bob, Oct 15, 2005
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