P4DC6+ Max CPU Speed

Discussion in 'Supermicro' started by Roland & Sam Sawyer, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. Has anyone tried a 603pin XEON greater than 2.4GHz on this motherboard?
    I'm looking at upgrading my processors and all I can find is that Supermicro
    says 2.4 is all they have tested to therefore can't give a reliable answer
    as to whether the newer 2.6 upwards 400MHz FSB XEON CPU's will work.
    Roland & Sam Sawyer, Feb 2, 2004
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  2. Roland & Sam Sawyer

    Luigi Guest

    I know this doesn't completely answer your question, but the BIOS only
    allows bus multipliers up to 24x - in other words 2.4 Ghz. So even if
    you were able to drop faster processor(s) in, I don't think you could
    get the clock to run them > 2.4Ghz.

    Luigi, Feb 2, 2004
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  3. Roland & Sam Sawyer

    SM89509 Guest

    The P4DCE+, P6DCE+, P4DCE+II, and the P6DCE+II all share the same
    bios. (DC6P6273) The latest version is up to Rev. 1.3 on this page


    The "II" boards apparently received higher performing VRM's than did
    the non-"II" boards. The only visable difference in the non-"II" and
    the "II" boards is a heatsink Supermicro has installed on top of the
    VRM's at the lower right corner of the board.




    I guess my answer isn't reliable though, because I havent tried it
    myself. All I can suggest is that you look at Intel's sSpec numbers
    for the 603pin processors. ----->>

    The 2.6, 2.8GHz processors both run at 1.5v like the 2.4Ghz does. The
    3.0 is bumped up to 1.525v The main differences is the "Thermal
    Guideline". Now if we assume since all the processors are based on the
    same core, and resistance of each should be fairly constant. The
    current must be the issue here.

    If you use the table found here --->>

    Put in the info you do know such as watts, and volts, the current
    levels start climbing quickly.

    2.4Ghz / SL6YV / D1 / 1.5v / 65.0w / 43.33 amps

    2.6GHz / SL6YW / D1 / 1.5v / 71.0w / 47.33 amps

    2.8GHz / SL6YX / D1 / 4.5v / 74.0w / 49.33 amps

    3.0GHz / SL6YY / D1 / 1.525v / 85.0w / 55.737 amps

    I don't know why if the "II" boards are backward compatible the
    Supermicro would continue to manufacture non-"II" boards. Here is a
    Q&A from the Jan 2003 FAQ at SM's site. ----->>


    "Q: I am interested in your P4DC6+ motherboard since it uses RDRAM,
    but I noticed that the motherboard seems to be limited to 2.4GHz. Has
    the board not been validated to run faster processors?

    A: The P4DCE+ and P4DC6+ are limited to 2.4GHz and slower Xeon
    processors. We see such a demand for this motherboard and have
    redesigned the CPU current capabilities and made two new motherboards
    called P4DCE+II and P4DC6+II to support the faster processors."

    If the VRM's are stable with a heatsink installed at lets say +/- 10%,
    I wouls think you would be able to run 2.6 chips easily, and maybe
    2.8's. The 3.0GHz would be way to hot.

    SM89509, Feb 8, 2004
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