P4I Fire Dragon: Floppy Won't Write under Win2k, OK under DOS and Win98 ... ?

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by aekalman, May 20, 2004.

  1. aekalman

    aekalman Guest

    Hi All.

    Wondering if anyone can lend some insight ...

    I built a P4I Fire Dragon running Win2k around 18 months ago, and at
    the time the floppy drive worked OK.

    Since then, I've done a few mods to the machine ... IIRC, a
    USB/FireWire card, wired the internal FireWire to the front "panel",
    and added a 200GB hard disk as the slave on the first IDE
    channel/pair. I hardly ever used the floppy during this whole time.

    Well, now the floppy won't write (but it will read just fine). Any
    write causes an I/O error, after which the floppy won't even read
    until I reboot.

    I thought it was the cable, P/S or the floppy drive itself, and
    swapped out all three, but the problem persisted. Then, in a moment of
    inspiration, I booted from a Win98 floppy, and lo and behold, the
    floppy drive reads and writes just fine. Same if booting from a DOS

    So, it appears I have some sort of driver or other software conflict.
    I did a CMOS reset and a fail-safe config in the BIOS, but it made no

    Any ideas?


    aekalman, May 20, 2004
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  2. aekalman

    Jim B. Guest

    Try removing the USB/Firewire card. Since the FireDragon has both already
    that would be a good conflict right there. If you needed additional USB and
    Firewire ports you should have purchased hubs for both.
    Jim B., May 20, 2004
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  3. aekalman

    aekalman Guest

    All the ports work, but it's worth a try .. I'll report back ...

    aekalman, May 22, 2004
  4. aekalman

    aekalman Guest


    Removed the IOGear GUF220 card and the floppy works fine.

    Now I'll put it back and try to discern where the conflict is ...


    aekalman, May 22, 2004
  5. aekalman

    aekalman Guest

    Hi Jim.

    Well, it appears that the IOGear GUF220 is what one might call a BAD
    CARD ... and what's even more illuminating, the GUF220 doesn't even
    show up on IOGear's website -- it appears to have been replaced by the

    From what others have said online about the GUF220, it appears that
    this card is probably not worth dealing with any more. It might also
    explain some serious problems I was having with external FireWire
    drives ...

    FWIW, with or without the GUF220 installed, there were no conflicts of
    any sort (I/O, DMA, IRQ, etc.). But its presence screwed up floppy
    writes, and its absence enabled the flopy to work properly.

    My P4I Fire Dragon has all peripheral enabled except for the on-board
    RAID controller. AGP has a GeForce Ti 4200 (?) in it, and one PCI slot
    has an Adaptec SCSI controller.

    Thanks for suggesting the USB/FW card as the source of the problem.

    aekalman, May 23, 2004
  6. aekalman

    Jim B. Guest

    Not a problem, the systems are ment to only have one firewire of usb
    controller. If you deactivated onboard usb and firewire the card would most
    likely work.
    Jim B., May 23, 2004
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