P4P800 Deluxe - Dual channel but linear mode?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Best, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. Best

    Best Guest

    I just put two identical DDR400 RAM into a P4P800 Deluxe board. On
    boot-up, it says "Front side bus 400, Dual Channel, Linear mode" Is
    that how it's supposed to be? I'm thinking since it does two thing at
    once, maybe it should be in parallel mode. Just want to double-check
    with experts here.
    Best, Sep 17, 2004
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  2. Best

    Bob Willard Guest

    Yup, that's good. To be sure, you can run the memory read benchmark
    that is part of Everest.exe (from Lavalys, Inc.). If you get anything
    near the advertised peak 6.4 GB/s, then the RAM is configured correctly.

    I just saw 5314 MB/s on reads and 1808 MB/s on writes on my P4C800-E,
    with a pair of CL-3 ECC DRAM sticks in dual-channel mode. I might be
    able to do a bit better by running closer to standalone, since Everest
    shares the hardware with other apps -- turning on Prime95, even at low
    priority, lowers the reported memory R/W performance by ~25-30%.
    Bob Willard, Sep 17, 2004
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