P4P800 Deluxe - no returning to LAST STATE after power restored?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by trooper2, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. trooper2

    trooper2 Guest

    Ran into a strange issue where my P4P800 Deluxe system is not
    correctly returning to the last system state after a power
    outage/surge where power is restored. Rather the green power light is
    illuminated on the motherboard but pressing the on button in front of
    case does nothing. To return system to previous powered-on state, I
    have to manually kill the master power to power supply, wait until
    green motherboard power light turns off then turn master power supply
    power back to ON. Once I do this, the system begins to boot up

    Has anyone seen this that can recommend how I can correct? Thanks in
    trooper2, Jul 4, 2004
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  2. trooper2

    Paul Guest

    For technical background, see the ICH5/ICH5R datasheet. This is the
    one I use:

    Section "Handling Power Failures" Pg. 154

    As you suggest, the power button is supposed to be a wake up source,
    but only if power button status (PWRBTN_STS) works properly.

    Unless this is another one of those issues with ACPI not being
    tuned up properly, (i.e. use dumppo.exe), I'd say maybe you
    have a very slight fault in your Southbridge. Try using dumppo.exe,
    to see whether ACPI is supported and enabled on your motherboard.
    Check for any settings in the BIOS for ACPI, make sure your OS
    install uses a HAL that supports ACPI, then get a copy of dumppo:


    If you cannot make any progress that way, do a warranty return (RMA).

    Just some guesses,
    Paul, Jul 5, 2004
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