P4P800-E Deluxe - How do I manually assign a free IRQ to PCI slot #5?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Dale Frameli, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Dale Frameli

    Dale Frameli Guest

    Ie built a HTPC using MCE2005, a 3.4GHZ P4, a P4P800-E Deluxe, a wireless
    802.11g PCI card, a USB 2.0 PCI card, two IDE harddrives in a RAID-0
    configuration and a TV Tuner card, etc... and for the most part, this HTPC
    is rockin!

    I had a problem (before).... sometimes the system would lockup when I
    played back a previously recorded television show.

    So I chaged out some of the components, rearranged which components were
    installed in which PCI slots, etc...

    The system "seems" fine now, but I have a question, maybe someone can help

    My USB 2.0 PCI card in installed in slot #3, my 802.11g PCI card is
    installed in slot #4 and my TV tuner is installed in slot #5.

    I have disabled many of the systems onboard features. For example, Serial
    Port 1 and 2, the Parallel port and the onboard LAN are all disabled.

    The P4P800-E Deluxe is handling all of the IRQ assignments...

    Can someone tell me how to assign IRQ 3 (from the unused serial port) to PCI
    slot #5 (TV tuner card)?

    Dale Frameli, Jun 10, 2005
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  2. Dale Frameli

    Mercury Guest

    # Devices > # IRQ's.

    Device drivers are supposed to share IRQ's because there are simply not
    enough IRQ's. If you have evidence it is an IRQ issue (how?) then it is the
    device driver that is at fault. The processor doesn't care (other than
    priority) what IRQ causes what activity - the driver handles it.

    I suggest you run sigverif.exe and check off all devices that are no signed
    by MS / Veritest.

    Check for driver updates - particularly graphics & run memtest86.
    Mercury, Jun 13, 2005
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