P4P800-E deluxe, legacy Windows 98, Problem with Realtek Audio ALC850

Discussion in 'Asus' started by James Bald, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. James Bald

    James Bald Guest


    I've been trying to install the drivers from the ASUS CD,
    but the audio hardware is not well recognized with this driver..

    OS: Windows98SE
    Control Panel, RealTek AC97 audio properties
    Device Status: The NTKERN.VXD, MMDEVLDR.VXD ...
    for this device could not load the device driver. code (2)

    It is enabled in bios 1002 of the motherboard.
    I wonder what NTKERN.VXD does in a win98se system.

    How do I fix this. I know other did under same os.
    James Bald, Jun 7, 2004
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  2. James Bald

    Paul Guest

    I would start by uninstalling the driver you installed from the
    CD, so there aren't any remnants to foul up the works.

    The Asus web site has a driver and an application level package
    (maybe the mixer panel ?) for download. It is curious that the
    driver doesn't list Win98se, although the Realtek website does
    list Win98se as supported, at least for their current release.

    http://www.asus.com/support/download/item.aspx?ModelName=P4P800-E Deluxe&Type=All

    Here is the Realtek site. It has the latest driver, but I don't
    see the application part. Maybe this means you'll be using the
    application part from the Asus site, and the driver part from
    the Realtek site.


    The Realtek site mentions DirectX8 as a prerequisite, but that
    may just be posturing (for Microsoft's benefit) on their part:


    Paul, Jun 7, 2004
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  3. I have Windows 98 on exactly the same motherboard, with the same BIOS, and
    have had no problems with the RealTek AC97 drivers. You might try
    downloading and installing the latest ALC850 Avance AC'97 driver from this

    http://www.asus.com.tw/support/download/item.aspx?ModelName=P4P800-E Deluxe

    Before installing, use the Add/Remove Programs control panel applet to
    remove Realtek '97 Audio.

    Edward Mendelson
    Edward Mendelson, Jun 7, 2004
  4. James Bald

    James Bald Guest

    Thank you Edward and Paul,
    I did pretty much what you suggest already.

    1- Removing Driver that seems to fail using the Add/Remove program
    instead of going directly to System.
    2- I tried using the setup program from the ASUS CD, or through
    update drivers in System panel.
    3- Gave up on original ASUS driver CD and d/l the latest from ASUS.

    The installation goes on without warning; Except that it warns about some
    audio features could not be enabled if DirectX is not installed. (I thought it was best to install after).
    Since now I do have DirectX9 installed and working with ATIRadeon9800Pro. I'll try this instant.

    But there is another flaw in my System..
    A question mark for "PCI system management bus", under unknown devices.
    I have not installed the "Intel chipset inf update program"..
    I'm not into getting updated behind my back so much, if that's what it means.
    It should not impact on sound ?

    In my BIOS I still wait to enable LAN and Promise controller. One step at a time.

    Just tried reinstalling proper way either Old or new realtec'97 audio drivers.
    Same issue.

    It must be something really stupid, I just cannot figure this on my own.

    Paul stated:
    " It is curious that the
    driver doesn't list Win98se, although the Realtek website does
    list Win98se as supported, at least for their current release."

    Indeed I noticed, but the WDM folder contains Win98 informations, so it's 98/ME.
    I must have reinstalled at least four time since the start of my reply.. Same problem.

    The only two stupid things I did the first time is to
    a) forget to re-enable it in the BIOS, before installing the drivers. [Using ASUS CD]
    b) Hook a simple headphone set in the rear, black 1/8 jack.. Hoping to hear some noise.
    If this was incorrect, the hardware auto-detect might have been confused.

    P.S.. I ran some Radeon9800Pro demos and they are fantastic.
    CPU set +10%, temp under 50C, all stable 3Ghz.... Hours running the chimp and hot car.
    +20% will post into windows but eventually bombs-out of the ATI power demos. (unstable)
    3DMark2001.1 reports first try.. 16884 on this sytem no tweaks,
    compared to 2480 on a Celery900+same Dx9.
    N.B. This bench is designed for Dx7, no GPU..
    Hence it can only get better with real Dx8/9 GPU enabled software.

    Odd thing; IDLING in BIOS reports hotter CPU, than IDLING in Windows.
    Under windows, probe reports... Idling since a few minutes CPU 33C, mobo 33C.
    After 5mins of 9700 car-paint: ..Slowly rose to 51C within first minutes and sits there.
    MAM activated in BIOS as well. I'm pretty pleased with this setup so far.

    Must sleep.. I'll be back if you have anymore thoughts on it.
    Otherwise my next step seems to be; Diging into WDM .inf files; Then cleaning-up
    registry for left-overs... And again.

    Anything related to realtek in BIOS aside the obvious one ?

    Regards and thanks already.
    James Bald, Jun 7, 2004
  5. James Bald

    Paul Guest

    thought it was best to install after).
    ATIRadeon9800Pro. I'll try this instant.
    Installing the Intel INF would be a good idea. It'll cover off a lot
    of those question marks in the Device Manager. I don't see how that
    will help with the sound problem, but you never know. For one
    thing, you won't get AGP texture transfer going until the AGP
    bridge gets its driver (that is a system device, it shows up
    as a PCI bridge until the INF install identifies it properly).

    The fun begins when you finish the INF install, have directx
    installed, and use the dxdiag utility. It will tell you whether
    the display "directdraw", "directx", and "AGP texture" are
    enabled or not, and you can have a devil of a time getting
    that stuff going. Load driver, reboot, repeat. A royal pain.
    And people wonder why cutting 10 seconds off the boot time
    is important :)

    Paul, Jun 7, 2004
  6. James Bald

    Kor Kuizenga Guest

    The inf updatel not only cover off a lot of his questionmarks but it
    'll make the os recognise his hardware too :) without it the system
    isn'tfully plug and play .................

    Kor Kuizenga, Jun 7, 2004
  7. James Bald

    Len Guest

    When I build computers the very FIRST thing installed after the OS are the
    chipset drivers. They play a major role in not only AGP but anything on the
    PCI bus. If your on-board devices use IRQs and I/Os they definitly need the
    chipset drivers to work properly! Particularly when you are using a newer
    MB with a legacy OS!

    No guarentee that this will solve the issue you are having. Often times
    certain drivers will not work if you install the chipset drivers after they
    are installed. However, it is a good bet that at a minimum your hardware
    will not run efficiently to not work at all without the chipset drivers.

    Good Luck,
    thought it was best to install after).
    Len, Jun 8, 2004
  8. You should install the Intel Chipset drivers immediately after installing
    the operating system - otherwise all sorts of problems will occur! In fact,
    it's probably best to install the chipset driver immediately after Windows
    first loads to the desktop, although it's not crucial.

    Please install the chipset drivers before you do anything else, then
    reinstall anything else that's causing problems, and then, if you're still
    having problems, everyone here will be glad to help. But you should install
    the chipset drivers before trying anything else at all. Anything else is a
    waste of your time.

    Edward Mendelson

    thought it was best to install after).
    Edward Mendelson, Jun 8, 2004
  9. James Bald

    Lil' Dave Guest

    Not sure what you mean by "legacy" except in reference to bios handover to
    the OS.

    Standard operating procedure is to install the chipset drivers before
    anything else. Reboot.
    Lil' Dave, Jun 8, 2004
  10. James Bald

    James Bald Guest

    THANKS to all the helping hands.

    The consensus would be for me to install the Intel Chipset drivers and should
    resolve the issue according to most.. But while I thought I was running Win98SE,
    it was in fact Win98 original. And the Intel Chipset drivers will not install under
    anything below 98SE... I had no choice but to call a friend who is now under XP,
    and got his older Win2k, for a reasonnable price. :)

    Updating to 2k now allows me to install all drivers flawlessly so far.
    I'll pick up from there.

    But without your recommendations, I would not have installed these valuable
    Intel chipset drivers; thinking it was just an optional PnP utility.
    The readme file for the Intel chipset drivers is clear.. Win98 gold is not supported.
    So I gave-up and nows run under 2KPro, sounds enabled.
    I also did not have to FIX the OS using that NDIS hot patch for P4 2Ghz and above.

    Thanks again.
    James Bald, Jun 9, 2004
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