P4P800-E Deluxe - still random lockups - not a memory problem.

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Technik, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Technik

    Technik Guest

    I'm back with the random lockups on P4PE800-E Deluxe based system:
    My system:
    Case: ASUS TA-231
    PSU: Enermax Whisper 350W
    M/B: ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe H/W rev.1.02 - lates .inf Intel chipset
    drivers installed; latest Marvel Yukon onboard LAN drivers installed
    CPU: Intel (Prescot) 3.0GHz (1MB cache) 800MHz FSB
    RAM: 2x Apacer 512MB CL 2.5 (not!!!) PC-3200
    HDD: WDC 160GB PATA, WDC 160GB SATAII (main Operating System disk),
    2xMaxtor 80GB SATA as RAID 0
    FDD: Mitsubisihi LS-120 EIDE floppy
    Sound: Creative SB Live! 5.1 24-bit
    Video: BFG 6600GT 128MB (nVidia) latest WHQL certified drivers from
    nVidias website v77.77

    OS: Windows XP Pro with SP2 integrated - clean install with all the
    latest patches + Symantec AV and Personal Firewall + Spybot S&D +
    Adaware. I did all the scans for Trojans, malware etc.

    I've ran so many memory testing and genaral CPU/memory/all components
    stressing benchmarks and test software but I still cannot narrow down
    what's causing random lockups of the system.

    Here's what I tried:
    - memtest86+ v3.2 - run for more than 8 consecutive hours and few
    subsequent shorter runs (3, 2, 4 hours after changing BIOS settings -
    settings resotred to default after all).
    - Prime95 - passed torture test.
    - Counter-Strike: Source - few sessions (~approx. 2 hours and more
    each session) - high settings for video and sound quality.
    - FarCry - 4 hours game play and shorter subsequent sessions.

    System freezes and locks up so nothing can be done; resetting and
    holding power button is not of big help after system is restarted it
    does not post video. I have to actually pull the plug on it or turn
    off the rocker switch on the back of PSU. I've noticed that onboard
    LAN is frozen for good - the LED lights (on the m/b i/o panel) stay
    on even though system is powered off or reset - it's only pulling the
    plug that turns off onboard lan led lights.
    There are no events in event viewer
    System freezes usually when running desktop applications i.e.:
    - typing e-mail in Thunderbird Mozilla
    - going through newsgroups messages with help of Agent News reader...
    - etc. etc.

    I've called ASUS support, not much help from them; the following
    recommendations were given to me:
    - remove SP2 from Windows XP
    - clear CMOS (remove battery + short Clear CMOS jumper)
    - flash BIOS with latest stable version 1007.3 again using floppy disk

    What is your take on that people?
    Oh BTW CPU temperature does not go oven 49 Celsius degrees when
    running heave benchmarks and 3D games, case temp. is not going higher
    than 31 Celsius degrees, nVidia GPU only reaches 63 when running

    Technik, Aug 25, 2005
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  2. Technik

    BigJIm Guest

    my guess is you need a power supply with more power and make sure
    the 12 volt side is rated for at least 18 amps or more, especially with
    all the stuff your running.
    BigJIm, Aug 25, 2005
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  3. Technik

    Technik Guest

    I will definitely try this suggestion - I will get mysel a new Enermax
    or Antec power supply with rating of at least 20 amps on the +12V

    Technik, Aug 25, 2005
  4. Technik

    Technik Guest

    Just a thought:
    Could this situation be caused by overloaded USB internal m/b hub?
    I've had my wireless Logitech Keyboard/Mouse combo USB pluged in right
    next to a wired iFeel Logitech mouse which requires 500mA.

    I have noticed a lot of crashes occured when I was typing and/or using

    BTW: the wired mouse is used in case if my batteries need to be
    re-charged in the wireless mouse.

    Technik, Aug 25, 2005
  5. Technik

    BigJIm Guest

    tough question but I think your problems are power related, so anything that
    draws power
    can adversely affect your system. I am running a similar system and I have a
    480 antec true blue PS.
    The video card draws a lot of juice. 500mA is only a half of an amp.
    Since I replaced my old PS I have no problems but I was getting error
    message prior to the upgrade.
    BigJIm, Aug 25, 2005
  6. Technik

    xmradio Guest

    I have a spare powersupply, hook it up to the hds, when I think it could be
    the ps in the box.

    xmradio, Aug 25, 2005
  7. Technik

    Paul Guest

    Well, separate them, and put them on separate USB stacks. A USB
    stack shares a power source (i.e. two USB ports are powered through
    the same Polyfuse). If you have a current hungry USB device, place it
    on a USB stack by itself, at least until you run out of ports.

    The fact that you gamed, and you used Prime95, and nothing happened,
    means the PSU is looking pretty stable right now. And while
    you are doing those things, you should run Asus Probe (or MBM5 if
    it works with that motherboard), and watch what happens to the three
    supply rails. If they aren't off by 5%, perhaps you should look
    elsewhere for your problem.

    The fact that the iFeel draws 500mA is probably not the worst
    part of it. The vibrating gadget inside sound like it is a motor
    of sorts, in which case it could be sending transients back into
    the USB power signal. Try disabling the special effects on the
    iFeel, and see if your stability improves. Or, using a separate
    USB stack for the device could be another way to fix it.

    Better yet, find a replacement for the iFeel, just for testing
    purposes. If your stability improves, you then know it is the

    Paul, Aug 25, 2005
  8. Technik

    Pete D Guest

    What version BIOS? The German ASUS site has 1008.001 beta
    Pete D, Aug 25, 2005
  9. Technik

    Technik Guest

    I did not try this beta yet...(I'm on latest stable - 1007.3)
    .... but I've separated my Logitech wireless keyboard+mouse combo from
    iFeel Logitech mouse.. I've just put them on separete USB stacks... so
    far so good. I'm knocking on wood...
    Technik, Aug 26, 2005
  10. the default yukon driver from the asus support cdrom installs a
    mini-port driver. I would not advise updating it through windows


    ñíñjà¤têç, Sep 6, 2005
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