P4P800E-D and SPD readings

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Bill Smith, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Bill Smith

    Bill Smith Guest

    I've noticed that leaving the bios on full "Auto" for memory settings,
    this board (P4P800E-D) does not read the SPD table correctly on
    various kinds of memory. The same memory is read correctly (auto-spd)
    by an Intel board I have tested. No errors on the memory as per
    Memetest86 and various benchmarking software...

    Memory used is all Balistix (4x256mb ss) and Balistix Tacer(2x512mb

    While the system works great and never crashes, performance seems to
    "lag", for lack of a better term. I notice it specifically in gaming,
    ie: FPS. There just seems to be some hesitation, at times and it is
    random or inconsistant.
    After ruling out a memory problem, I started suspecting the grafix
    card, as that was the newest upgrade to the system.
    CounterStrikeSource video stress test scores between mid 70's and mid
    130's...very inconsistant.
    However, the card has also been ruled out, as the card runs consistant
    scores in the same Intel board (above) with a slower CPU, usually
    96-99 FPS.

    So the board grafix subsystem is also effected, which leads me back to
    the memory controler on the Asus board being flakey.

    Is there a way to know for sure that my suspicions are true ? Like I
    say, it doesn't crash, but I do know how bad memory can effect the
    system by making it hesitate or slow down. This is all I can compare
    it to and it's intermintant at best, but very frustrating as well.

    Again, the memory check outs fine. I suspect that this may be an
    effect from overclocking. The Balistix Tracer is PC4000 and I have
    booted (dos) my P4Northwood 2.8c to 3500 (250mhz) and ran windows at
    230+mhz FSB (3262-3402).

    I'm testing the CPU on the Intel board next.

    Thanks for any tech!
    Bill Smith, Apr 4, 2006
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