P4S533-E fan gets stuck on HIGH ! ??

Discussion in 'Asus' started by John ., Nov 30, 2003.

  1. John .

    John . Guest

    I have a P4S533-E motherboard and have the Q-Fan set to 10/15.

    When the pc has been off and cold for some time, after booting and
    running the CPU temp is around 38 Degrees C and MB is around 37 C, and
    the fan (as shown by Asus utility) speed is 2200.

    The system is quiet at this point. But after using the PC for 30
    minutes, reading email, downloading files, etc. the fan speed will
    increase to around 3100 or 3200 rpm with cpu/mb temps only a degree

    The system will stay there at 3200 rpm regardless. But a quick reboot
    puts the fan back to 2200. (Bios 1007).

    It seems to me that once it gets up there, the BIOS will rarely lower
    the fan speed even though I'm using Q-Fan.

    I like a quiet PC but I'm not getting it. I find myself rebooting
    during the day just to bring the fan speed down.

    Any solutions? I keep looking for another BIOS upgrade but I doubt if
    one is ever coming for this motherboard.

    John ., Nov 30, 2003
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