P4T-E jumper settings for 2.6 P4

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Christian Sarti, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. I have a P4T-E mobo which I need to update to the latest 1007 bios in order
    to use it with a 2,6 P4 FSB400. As I've discovered the screen remains black
    , as the bios does not recognize the CPU. I've not found a friend who could
    lend me a compatible CPU for me to boot up and run the update.I've seen some
    postings that it could be possible to boot up in jumper mode and then run
    the update.

    My questions are: Is that correct, does that work?
    I my case, I have a 2,6 P4, which is the maximum my mobo can take. My
    problem is that the multiplier can be set to max. 24.0x which give me a CPU
    clock of

    The CPU having a fixed ratio, it will probably not work? Would it work with
    13.0x in which case I would have half the CPU speed? or overclocking it to
    reach 2.6?

    Can somebody to me what would be safe to do and what would work. Thanks!!
    Christian Sarti, Jul 30, 2003
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  2. Christian Sarti

    R. Pazderski Guest


    I don't mind eating a little crow. Hats off to your correct answer. Glad I
    qualified my post with the "to the best of my knowledge" statement (LOL).

    As you know, the actual P4T-E manual gives very little information
    concerning Jumper Mode. I based my post answer on page 20 of the older P4T
    manual which shows the highest jumper multiplier setting available as 24.
    This would (normally) have been the highest value supported by the Bios
    also. At some point I guess starting with Bios 1007, Asus added 2.6 CPU
    support and of course the older P4T manual would not have the documented
    Jumper Mode settings for the change.

    As a matter of interest, I have a Brand New P4T-E (ICS) running on my
    network with a 2.53/533 CPU and (1) Gig of 1066 Rdram. Runs Sweet ! It was a
    RMA replacement last month for one that a bad PS fried. My dealer just
    happened to have one of the LAST P4T-Es made still in an un-opened new box.
    A nice free surprise.

    A P4T-E (ICS) can be extremely O/Ced BUT one will start to notice available
    memory will decrease as O/Cing is increased. Also, the statement I made
    concerning stability and passing Prime95 with only the Bios setting of 133
    is Correct because I did run experiments on the machine out of curiosity.

    Since you found that the P4T-E Bios will support a P4 100/400 1.6 CPU, all
    Christian has to do is upgrade his Bios with an older CPU installed and then
    drop in the 2.6 CPU. As it is a Locked processor, jumper settings are a moot
    point again if I understand his question (LOL).

    Regards and Thanks for the Correction,

    Rick P.

    According to the ASUS CPU support site,
    The P4T-E supports up to a P4 2.6 400 Mhz FSB CPU with bios 1007 or higher.
    I am currently running a 2.6 in a P4T-E with the latest beta bios without
    any trouble. It is fully recognized.

    R. Pazderski, Jul 31, 2003
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  3. Christian Sarti

    Henry Guest

    No problem. When I originally upgraded my system, I knew the 2.6 - 400
    would be about the highest 400 Mhz processor Intel was going to produce, and
    it still took me almost a week to finally find out the P4T-E would support
    it. The dip switches only go to 24 x. You just let the bios do the work.

    Unfortunately, I have one with the CPY ??? chips and can't get more than
    about 15 percent OC. I must say that it's one of the fastest and most
    stable MB's I've ever owned.


    Henry, Jul 31, 2003
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