P4X400 Dragon Lite IRQ conflict

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Azerik, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Azerik

    Azerik Guest

    I am having a problem with the irq assignments on the p4x400 dragon lite.
    Two of the onboard usb controllers and the onboard sound are being assigned
    the same irq as the video card in the agp slot. Normal desktop operation
    seems fine, browse internet, play solitaire, burn cd's, etc. But whenever
    I fire up a game the whole system freezes.

    I had a similar problem with another system when I added in a usb/firewire
    card to it and that card grabbed 3/4 of the irq's in the system and
    happened to take the one my video card wanted too. Not a problem for
    normal desktop use or for opengl games (return to wolfenstein in
    particular), but any time I tried to access direct3d the system choked. I
    solved that by removing the card and eventually replacing it in a different
    slot so it got different irq's assigned to it.

    However, nothing I try with this new system seems to be able to make the
    irq's change. I would try the trick of moving cards to juggle the irq
    assignments but the sound and usb are built on the board and the video card
    is trapped in the agp slot. I have yet to try disabling the onboard sound,
    but with the usb controllers also grabbing the same irq I don't think it
    will totally solve the problem.

    I really don't want to wind up disabling all the onboard stuff and having
    to go out and buy cards to replace them. I did put in an email to soyo
    about it and despite the auto-reply assuring me they would get to me within
    2 business days they have yet to reply and it is 16 days out now (first
    emailed on Aug 5th). I have put in another email to them, but I am not
    holding out much hope.

    If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. TIA

    System specs :

    p4x400 dragon lite mb
    Intel p4 2.4G
    Corsair 2700 ddr 512M
    Aopen geforce fx5900 ultra 256M vid
    western digital 120G hdd
    tdk velocd 52x cdr
    mitsumi 4x dvd+r/rw
    Azerik, Aug 21, 2003
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