P4X400 Dragon Platinum and DDR400 RAM problem...

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by JM, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. JM

    JM Guest


    I've recently bought the above motherboard and have not been able to
    get it to boot past the Soyo splash screen.

    Originally, I tested the motherboard seperate from the case with only
    a P4 2.66Ghz processor, 1 stick of Crucial 512MB DDR400 RAM, ATI
    Radeon graphics card and a 350W power supply. When i put the power on,
    everything starts as normal but I cannot get into the BIOS in any way
    as it just freezes at this screen.

    I thought the RAM may be faulty but two more identical sticks of RAM
    were tried in the motherboard. I friend then tested the motherboard
    using slower ram (not sure what speed) and said he successfully got it
    into the BIOS and worked ok.

    Does anyone have any ideas about this problem or has anyone managed to
    use the board with DDR400 RAM?

    Thanks for any help,

    JM, Dec 25, 2003
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  2. JM

    dave Guest

    If you ollow the placement directions from this page :
    it should work.
    Set the bios at performance defaults , the memory at SPD, it should
    dave, Dec 26, 2003
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  3. JM

    JM Guest

    JM, Dec 26, 2003
  4. JM

    Woobie Guest

    Clear your CMOS. The default settings may be incompatible.
    Woobie, Dec 28, 2003
  5. JM

    GT-Force Guest

    I am running this board with 2X512 DDR400 sticks. They are on 2nd and third
    sockets (Not 1st and second!). The brand of RAM may also make a difference.
    Mine are GeIL.

    What 's your ATI Radeon? 9700 and above? These cards may need more than 350W
    power. Keep in mind. Mine is 9700 Pro and PS is 450W.

    Good luck...

    GT-Force, Jan 12, 2004
  6. JM

    JM Guest

    Yeh, I've sent back my memory to Crucial and I'll probably get some
    DDR400 from Kingston; see if that works. My Radeon is a 9000 so I
    think 350W should be sufficient.

    Thanks for your help,

    JM, Jan 22, 2004
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