P4X400 Dragon Ultra Platinum Driver Questions From A Newbie

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Mortimer Snerd, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Ok, so I'm putting together a new PC. Done this before 2 other times
    with Win98 so I'm somewhat familiar with the process but things have
    changed a lot since my current PII 350 machine. Setup will be a P4
    2.4 machine with Seagate 160 GB HD and Pioneer DVD burner with ATI
    8500 All in Wonder with 2x512 Ultra 2700 RAM.

    Do I install Soyo board drivers before or after WinXP?

    Do I need all 6 types of drivers. User manual says I need to set up
    these things at the minimum. I plan on using onboard audio unless it
    crashes the system. No RAID and no LAN are planned.
    a) via 4 in 1
    b) C Media on board audio
    c) USB 2.0
    d) 8100b LAN
    e) Highpoint driver
    f) Highpoint utility for RAID

    Does WinXP allow one to boot from a CD? Otherwise, how can I run the
    fdisk and format commands for my new HD? Will a Win98 startup disk be
    ok or do I need something else. I am getting WinXP OEM CD but I don't
    think Microsoft is including startup floppys anymore.

    Should I get Audio Card just in case? Onboard audio seems to be
    causing problems -- or does it??

    Anxious to set this baby up. Still waiting on WinXP and ATI 8500 All
    In Wonder -- backordered; should have them in a week or so.

    Mortimer Snerd, Aug 22, 2003
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  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll post my results for historical reasons when
    I get my OS and video card :)
    Mortimer Snerd, Aug 23, 2003
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  3. Are you planning on playing any games at all? If so, get a cheap sound blaster
    card (Audigy 1, or SBLive), as the onboard sound has problems with many games
    (in my experiences). I've also seen posts about stability problems in general
    with using the onboard sound.

    Also, put the hard drive on the highpoint raid ide connectors, and cd/dvd rom on
    one of the regular ide connectors and say, a burner on the other regular ide
    connector. Basically, just give everything its own channel. Some burning
    programs will get pissy if you're sharing channels with optical drives. But if
    you're just using the one dvd burner as your only optical drive, then I would
    say just don't worry about the raid connectors at all. You can use the raid
    enabled connectors without actually using raid. And if you're not going to set
    up a raid array, you wont need the utility.

    I would recommend installing the VIA 4in1's first, followed by other drivers.
    SOYO is pretty bad at updating their driver page for this board, so get the
    latest 4in1's from here: http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=300

    I think windows XP comes with USB2 drivers already, and if so, just stick with
    those, but if not, I'd give the ones on windowsupdate before trying the VIA
    ones. I had some problems when using the VIA USB2 drivers, however the
    Microsoft ones work flawlessly.

    As for the onboard LAN, I think there are some newer drivers on this page:

    Hope some of this helps,

    Chris Driscoll, Aug 25, 2003
  4. If you don't plan on using the raid connectors, you wont have to worry about
    putting highpoint drivers on a disk at all for the Windows installation. It
    should see the primary and secondary regular IDE channels just fine without a
    separate driver disk
    Chris Driscoll, Aug 26, 2003
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