P4X400 Dragon Ultra Platinum Up And Running, But.......

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Mortimer Snerd, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Ok got it up and running but I had to tweak some stuff in the BIOS and
    now want to know what the damage is.

    OS: WinXP/home with service pack 1a
    Intel P4 2.4 Ghz
    Soyo P4X400 Dragon Ultra Platinum
    2 x 512 MB RAM from Ultra
    ATI Radeo 9000 AGP Card
    Seagate 160 GB IDE HD
    Pioneer A-06-U DVD-RW
    Generic Floppy Disk Drive
    Creative SB 512 Sound Card
    Actiontech External 56k Modem
    Some generic case with 425watts of power

    System crashed during WinXP install. Picked up where I left off and
    seemed to install ok. Installed Soyo drivers. Disabled onboard audio
    and LAN since I'm not running either. System would crash randomly and
    spontaneously. Yeah, yeah, we've all heard that one before! Ran
    memtest86 V3.0 and kept getting errors on test 5. Fewest I got was 4
    errors. Tried tweaking settings in the BIOS with no real luck until:

    AGP set to 2x instead of 4x.
    Clock speed set to 133 instead of SPD
    DRAM clock set to Manual instead of SPD.

    Ran memtest86 two consecutive times with no errors.

    So, what are the ramifications of switching to AGP 2x instead of AGP
    4x in the BIOS?? I will be installing an ATI All in Wonder Radeon
    8500 AGP card shortly and I plan on doing video and audio
    viewing/editing mainly. No real gaming except for Flightsim and stuff
    like that.

    Thanks to all who have posted their problems and solutions here. I
    printed out about 40 pages of crap to try. Finally got it running,
    sort of, I guess.....
    Mortimer Snerd, Sep 9, 2003
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  2. Mortimer Snerd

    Hoonose Guest

    The difference between AGP2X of 4X is nil. Don't even bother. Take
    whatever is most stable. Make sure you look at:
    http://www.soyousa.com/kb/kbdesc.php?id=72, and follow the
    instructions for using 2 memory sticks. Also, I assume you disabled
    onboard sound?.....
    Hoonose, Sep 11, 2003
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  3. Wish I had seen the knowledge base before I started! Anyway, ULTRA
    brand memory is not listed but it seems to work with AGP 2x. I am
    using memory slot 1 and 2. I did disable sound and LAN. So far, 4
    days running stable. It's probably ok.
    Mortimer Snerd, Sep 11, 2003
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