p5ad2 premium problems

Discussion in 'Asus' started by bunnysan, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Nov 14, 2006
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    ok so i got this mobo a while back and have nothing but problems but i have jsut kind of put up with it for lack of funds:

    1. everytime i get to windows and boot up a game my computer will freeze the system will jsut lock up completely and it will even kill power to my mouse the red light dies when it freezes. i would usually have to reboot my computer several times and wait for it not to freeze and after it wouldnt freeze i would jsut leave it on for several days jsut so i dont have to deal with that problem again. i noticed that if i were to shutdown the computer i would have this issue more and more but if i were to jsut restart it it would stay the way it as and not freeze. i kept thinking it was hard drives but i was never really sure. (seeing how i am using dual 300gig maxtors which have a high failure rate)

    2. Recently after playing any game for a prolonged amount of time or using a dual screen setup my computer would lock like above BUT after a few seconds my screen would be distorted and my ventrilo would still work which made me think that it was the video card issue. but i have no money to replace niether to test my theories.

    3. jsut recently i got a corrupted windows file which wont allow me to boot up into windows at all (i'm thinking that this is probably from the constant restarting i msut do to get hte computer to even get working) Yet when i tried to install windows i do the same thing i did orginally wih the whole f6 to install the silicon raid0 settings from the floppy yet when i get to the install part it says that it detects no hard disks and the silicon doesnt show. i tried to use an IDE hard drive from my old system to see if it was the hard drives but i installed the hard drive and let it boot it would boot to windows, BUT it would not show up in my bios and when i tried to install windows on that hard drive it too says that it is not detected.

    Things i have tried:

    for the freezing issue

    send in my memory to corsair for a synced pair. found out that wasnt the issue

    i read that there was a peg link setting i must try setting it to slow would fix the freezing computer, but that didnt quite work.

    the only thing that i found that even seemed to work was basically underclock my computer from a 3.6 to a 2.43 i think it was which lowered the freezing rate of my computer. tried the differnet suggested memory clocks none of which seemed to work. if it helps, my computer seems to freeze faster if i were to start a game rather then let my computer sit, but the time in which it freezes it random.

    for the video problems i think its jsut my video card overheating but im not sure i would like others opinions

    and as of the hard drive issues i havent really tried much i think im about to start playign around with it again any and all help would be much much appreciated i have limited knowledge of computers was never really a harware guy but any and all information is welcome i would list my system specs but im not sure of the memory im using all i know is its the ddr2533 from corsair value select somethign rather.

    intel p4 3.6ghz
    radeonx850xt 256mem video card
    p5ad2-premium mobo
    dsp pros plantronics usb headset
    ddr2533 corsair valuselect 1024x2 dual channel memory

    bunnysan, Nov 14, 2006
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