p5b-vm raid-1 -- JMICRON attachements and config

Discussion in 'Asus' started by rentub, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. rentub


    Oct 15, 2006
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    I'd like to setup raid-1 on my p5b-vm. I have two 250 3.0/GBs SATA drives. One I connected to SATA1, and the other to SATA_RAID1 (which I believe is the JMICRON controller).

    Referenced here on page 1-33:

    So, the question is, what is the most reliable way to achieve raid-1. Should I use two of the standard SATA connections, or use the SATA_RAID1 connector?

    What are the steps to configure in BIOS afterward? I've looked for documentation on this in a number of places, and nothing has been clear.

    My end goal is a dual-boot windows/linux, with linux as primary.

    rentub, Oct 15, 2006
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