P5Q Deluxe ESATA Question

Discussion in 'Asus' started by me, May 7, 2011.

  1. me

    Paul Guest

    I haven't seen the results of any experiments, to demonstrate
    how long a cable you can use before it blows up. As far as I know,
    the design intent is 1 meter for SATA and 2 meters for ESATA. And
    the launch amplitude and receive sensitivity are a bit better
    on ESATA to make that happen. I've seen chips with output
    voltage specs for both modes, implying you have to switch modes
    to get the extra reach. They could just as easily run it in
    ESATA mode all the time, and who'd be the wiser.

    What's really strange, is SAS is a very similar standard to SATA,
    and it has a much higher output on its transmit. And you can run
    a 10 meter cable with it. Why couldn't they all have the
    "super stuff" ? I'd be more of a promoter of SAS, except
    the disks are expensive, and a couple customer reviews
    report abnormally low write rates (10MB/sec) with no
    explanation and no one to help. So the theory is great,
    but I'm still trying to find a happy customer using
    cheap SAS controller cards to go with it.


    Paul, May 18, 2011
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  2. me

    me Guest

    I don't know if I mentioned this but I do have a "Hotplug" tab for the
    Marvel Controller and by default hotplug was enabled for port 0 and 1. When
    I check the box "enable for all ports" it just reverts back to enable for
    post 0 and 1. Which ports are 0 and 1 anyway? I only have one esata drive?
    Do you know what this means? Thank you for all of the advice.
    me, May 18, 2011
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  3. me

    me Guest

    Thank you for the reply. No that my ESATA port on the rear panel I may just
    leave it that way instead of converting to AHCI. I heard that converting
    without a reinstallation of Windows is risky and I am not in a risky mood
    if you know what I mean. If things go bad I don't feel like reinstalling
    everything although i would make a complete back up first to be safe. Thank
    you for your input.
    me, May 18, 2011
  4. me

    Rob Guest

    Same on mine - only ports 0 and 1 enabled. The reason that we see
    4 ports is that the driver is a generic one for all of the 88SE61xx
    series controllers and one of the other versions (the 88SE6145) has
    4 SATA ports. Asus have only implemented port 0 (the eSATA port) on the
    88SE6121 in the P5Q Deluxe so ignore the other ports as the
    settings for those will do nothing.
    Good that you can now see the hotplug tab. What remains now is to
    find a safe way of hot-unplugging the drive. It may be that the
    only way to get the drive to appear in safely remove hardware is
    to change your system to AHCI, but if 'Eject' appears when you right-
    click the drive in Windows Explorer, you can use that instead.
    If Eject doesn't appear, there is a chance you could lose data if
    you hot-UNplug the drive from the eSATA port, as there may still
    be data in the cache waiting to be written. How this works in
    Windows is poorly documented and little understood. Even waiting
    a couple of minutes after writing a file may not be enough.

    Rob, May 19, 2011
  5. me

    me Guest

    It must have been something with the driver installation because removing
    it and installing the same driver again did the trick. XP x64 can be weird
    that way sometimes. BTW, if the ESATA port is Port 0 on the hotplug list
    which drive is on Port 1, none I assume as there is only one ESATA port? I
    also checked the ESATA drive for "Eject" and there is none. I get the
    "remove hardware" icon when a usb drive is powered up but none with esata
    but no big deal. I use the esata drive for backing up large files and I
    never turn it off until long after the transfer is complete and by that
    time I am using the machine for other things. I am using a Thermaltake
    a3295 enclosure for the esata and my usb drives because it has a usb/esata
    switch so I can use any drive on any port I want. When the drives are not
    being used it has a cool blue light that lights up "the "Thermaltake" name
    on the front and it turns purplish pink when transferring data. In esata
    mode the light does not change when transferring but no big deal. I think
    the HD light on the machine is active for the esata drive.

    Do you think if I switch to AHCI the machine would take longer to boot? I
    have heard that. Also, there are plenty of info posted on how to convert to
    AHCI without reinstalling but it is risky. I would certainly make an image
    backup of my boot drive but can't decide if the switch would be worth it.
    It would probably give me the "remove harware" icon for esata but just for
    that feature it may not warrant the risk. Can you think of any benefits I
    would have by switching to AHCI?

    Thanks a lot for all of your help and solving my problem. No matter how
    many times you read the manual of search Google you stil can't solve
    certain things. BTW, the ASUS manual does not really explain much about
    certain features and it doesn't give much advice either.
    me, May 19, 2011
  6. me

    Rob Guest

    There is no real reason why switching to AHCI would make a PC
    take longer to boot (it should be quicker, if anything), but if
    old drivers are not removed when a system is 'converted', I suppose
    they might have a slowing effect at boot time while the OS works
    out which drivers are actually connected to hardware.

    I doubt that you would see any noticeable performance increase.
    AHCI would enable NCQ, but the speed increase is dependent on
    lots of things, from file sizes involved to the controller you
    are using and the make/model of drive.
    If interested, have a look at this:

    Shortened to:

    The behaviour of the LEDs on your enclosure is normal - drives connected
    by eSATA are effectively internal drives, so the drive
    access light on the main PC case is the one which indicates activity.

    All in all I would leave it as it is now. The way you use the
    drive is extremely unlikely to lead to any hot-unplugging issues.

    I agree about manuals! This isn't just limited to Asus (in fact,
    Asus manuals are some of the best.)

    Rob, May 20, 2011
  7. me

    me Guest

    Things are working great now and thanks for the link to all the info, it is
    very interesting. You wouldn't believe how long I have been trying to get
    that darn ESATA port working like it should.

    I am afraid that trying to convert to AHCI
    might open a can of worms. I don't imagine that once you convert to AHCI
    and decide for some reason to switch back I bet it is a nightmare.

    I want to thank you for all of the help. It is much appreciated!
    me, May 21, 2011
  8. me


    Feb 17, 2013
    Likes Received:
    I know this is a old topic but im hoping someone can help me out. I have had this board for a few years and love it. just now starting to use the ESATA connection on back. I am having same problem. my Marvell IDE was enabled and boot rom in BIOS.

    I do not see and RAID/SCSI in management. however I did change view as someone mentioned, found connection on connection 5 I believe and was able to update driver and it switched from a IDE name to a Marvell 61XX RAID Controller.

    I am running windows 8 x64. mine shows up under storage controllers in computer management. where are you guys seeing this 0 or 1 drive with hot plug tab? if I right click properties under the RAID Controller Marvell 61XX within storage controllers I see nothing like that.

    I also tried installing new driver for windows 7 x64 and it fails saying its not compatible.

    my drive also only shows up if I boot up computer with drive connected and powered up.

    hope someone can help me out :) thanks
    jsmokevr6, Feb 17, 2013
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