P5Q Deluxe won't boot with extra HD installed

Discussion in 'Asus' started by me, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. me

    me Guest

    I had one HD installed for a couple years and wanted to add another and
    used sata port 4 and also tried 5 (the red two ports that face the same way
    as the orange RAID ports) and nothing seems to like those ports, not even
    eith of my dvd drives. I get a screen that prompts for a boot device. There
    is one other empty port but is just below the ram and a pain to get to.

    Is it not OK to use ports 4 and 5? Thx.
    me, Nov 12, 2011
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  2. me

    Paul Guest

    ICH10R ICH10R Marvell--------- SIL5723 ---- orange sata
    | | | | | | | | ---- white sata
    PATA Back

    The ICH10R is split into two controllers.

    Your issue is probably a BIOS setting.

    If operated in "old fashioned Compatible mode", only
    the four connector controller works. To the OS, the
    ports look like an emulation of two IDE ribbon cables.
    (INT14, INT15, I/O Space addresses). That allows you
    to install Win98 on the machine, without disk drivers.
    Any OS from Win98 forward can use it. Only disadvantage,
    is the other two ports don't work.

    If you set to "Enhanced", all six ports are mapped to
    PCI address space. Now, there are no longer two dead
    ports on the ICH10R. Win98 doesn't support it, but
    some later OSes are OK with this.

    As far as I know, the Marvell has two ports. (You can check
    on the Marvell.com site for more details. I'm just guessing here.)
    One goes to the back for the ESATA. The other, runs off to a
    second chip. The SIL5723 does things like 2 drive RAID.
    The SIL5723 should also "hide" the identity of the drives
    on the orange and white ports, and depending on whether it
    has some kind of tunneling feature or not, may not even offer
    SMART status on the drives on orange and white.

    According to the manual, and paraphrasing a bit, the orange
    and white ports support

    1) One drive on Orange in "Normal" mode. With a one-to-one
    mapping, the 5723 has the opportunity to do SMART passthru,
    but I don't know if it is that clever or not.
    2) Two drives in RAID0 (SuperSpeed or interleaved, would be other descriptions).
    3) Two drives in RAID1 (Mirror, but with the Asus software, used for some
    kind of EZbackup function, which in a way is what a mirror amounts to.)

    In any case, ignoring all the weird ports, the six red ones
    would all work, if the BIOS is set for it.

    You have to be careful about your BIOS choices, because when
    you change them, the OS may not have a driver for the new mode.
    (Like if you were to select RAID or the like - you need AHCI/RAID driver
    for either AHCI or for doing migration to some RAID
    configuration. This is normally done during initial installation,
    pressing F6 and offering a floppy driver. On Windows 7, there
    is MSAHCI driver, Intel IASTORV, and more built-in support.
    Windows 7 is much less trouble, until you go to the Intel site
    and start downloading a more recent driver.)

    Paul, Nov 12, 2011
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  3. me

    me Guest

    Thank you for the info Paul. Does it matter performance wise which of 6
    sata connectors are used for hard drives and which for DVD drives? I would
    assume that any sata device can be connected to either port? Thx.
    me, Nov 12, 2011
  4. me

    Paul Guest

    They should all be the same.

    Paul, Nov 12, 2011
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