P5Q-E IDE Driver Installation Quirk, Please Help

Discussion in 'Asus' started by paul_barbano, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. paul_barbano

    paul_barbano Guest

    I have installed all of the drivers although everytime I reboot
    the "found new hardware" appears and wants to install primary then
    secondary IDE drivers. I follow the prompts and install the drivers
    and still when I reboot it will do it again. What am I doing wrong?

    Please help, thank you.
    paul_barbano, Aug 8, 2009
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  2. paul_barbano

    GMAN Guest

    Try going here and downloading and installing this latest chipset update
    utility for the P5Q-E board.

    GMAN, Aug 8, 2009
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  3. paul_barbano

    Fred Guest

    You could try uninstalling all the primary and secondary IDE channels in the
    controller tree of Device Manager and reboot so that Windows can auto detect
    them again.
    Fred, Aug 9, 2009
  4. paul_barbano

    paul_barbano Guest


    paul_barbano, Aug 10, 2009
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