P5WD2 Premium WiFi-Tv - FM receiver only works for a few minutes

Discussion in 'Asus' started by doug, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. doug

    doug Guest

    Just got a P5WD2 with the WiFi-Tv option. Running it with 840 Pentium D
    (3.2 ghz), 2 Gigs of DDR2 800 ram, and a single SATA drive. I know this
    is a brand new board and it's likey not many are using it yet. But just
    in case anyone else has it I'll ask. TV and WiFi part of the optional
    PCI card appear to work fine. If I use the 'FM radio' part it works for
    a few minutes then dies with just static. Quiting and restarting
    'PowerCinema' does not get the FM radio working again. If I reboot of
    course it starts again and runs for a few minutes then dies. If I switch
    to 'analog' TV, then switch back to FM radio it starts working again.
    There are no BIOS updates nor WiFi-Tv driver updates available on ASUS's
    site. I'm hoping this is just a driver/bios issue that they will address
    in an update.

    Any suggestions?
    doug, Jun 20, 2005
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  2. doug

    Bob Byrne Guest

    Don't you mean 640?
    Bob Byrne, Jun 20, 2005
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  3. doug

    doug Guest

    Nope it's an 840 dual core, Pentium D. One other oddity to note, after
    post when the bios lists all devices, memory, etc. You get the countdown
    from 9 and the message <hit esc> to boot without waiting. Hitting
    <esc> at that point does nothing. Matter of fact the keyboard 'appears'
    to be frozen and even if you hit ctrl+alt+del it doesn't reboot till it
    finishes the countdown!
    doug, Jun 20, 2005
  4. doug

    DeepOne Guest

    Have you tried using it in a different PCI slot? Sometimes certain
    slots share resources with other things that might cause problems, so
    it should be worth a try.

    I was thinking of getting one of these boards myself, and I wanted to
    be able to dual-boot Win98SE and WinXP. Would you mind checking the
    driver CD that came with it to see if there are any Win98SE drivers on
    it (or maybe it lists OS requirements on the box)? I noticed that
    Intel does not have any downloadable 955x chipset drivers for Win98SE,
    so I'm thinking that Win98SE may not work with this board.
    DeepOne, Jun 20, 2005
  5. doug

    doug Guest

    Looking through the cd I see no drivers for win98. Only win 2000, xp,
    2003 server, and linux. So it looks like you'd be out of luck with 98se.
    I was thinking of moving the card to another pci slot, I'm in slot 3 now
    which appears to be the least shared. I'll try the other two to see if
    this resolves it. Thanks
    doug, Jun 20, 2005
  6. doug

    DeepOne Guest

    OK, thanks. I may go for the P5AD2-E then. I'll have to wait till my
    next upgrade to consider a dual-core processor (or whatever they have
    by that time).
    DeepOne, Jun 20, 2005
  7. doug

    boseefus Guest

    I have the exact same problem with the FM Tuner portion of the WiFi-TV
    card... Well, except mine only lasts for about 15 seconds before I get
    the static.

    I happened to be on the phone with ASUS last night about something
    completely un-related, but I mentioned it to them and they said they'd
    let the right support people know. You might just call them to let
    them know you're having the same issues. They said to keep an eye on
    their website for updates (duh), but other than that they couldn't help
    me much since the product is still fairly new.

    Oh well, the P5WD2 board still works great and the WiFi and TV part of
    the add-on card are OK. My only other complaint is the Cyberlink suite
    that comes with the WiFi-TV card, it's a little cheesy. I also don't
    think they provide a standard WDM capture driver with the WiFi-TV
    board, so using other software for video capture becomes more
    complicated. I haven't fully investigated that issue though.
    boseefus, Jul 14, 2005
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