P6DGU - Hard disk and Graphics card upgrade suggestions please ??

Discussion in 'Supermicro' started by A_Newsreader, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. A_Newsreader

    A_Newsreader Guest

    Please can anyone advise me on what'd be best for my requirements to
    upgrade this system in terms of Hard Disk and Graphics cards.

    It is a dual 1000mhs, 1gb machine with 2 very small and noisy scsi
    hard disks. We are currently not using this machine at all simply
    because we've become accustomed to something quieter (albeit slower)
    and these disks are just too noisy !!

    So, we want to take out the small scsi hard disks and replace with one
    large IDE disk (something like 250gb).

    I have Maxtors in another machine (completely different spec all
    together), and am happy with the Maxtor make. For a not very logical
    reason (ie PCWorld in the UK sells them by the bucket load) I'm not
    very fond of Western Digital.

    What model should I go for and why ?? Basically I'm wondering
    (guessing because I am no expert) that it would be pointless to go for
    SATA150 technology (I know nothing about this technology) as I guess
    that it'd be wasted on this 1999 spec'd machine as my motherboard can
    probably only max out with something less ??

    So basically I don't want to waste money on something that won't get
    used to it's fullest.

    Same goes for the Graphic's Card - what should I get ?? I currently
    have in it a Matrox Millenium G450 (32mb) - what card should I go for
    without it being wasted on this machine ??

    Basically I want the best but not something that's too good for this

    Many thanks (and I know I've been very longwinded in explaining
    something very basic !!)

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Best regards,
    A_Newsreader, Jul 22, 2004
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  2. A_Newsreader

    Paul G2053 Guest

    P6DGU's are fitted with Intel's 440GX chipset and Adaptec's 7890 SCSI
    controller. The built-in IDE ports are ATA33. There are three SCSI ports.
    One LVD/U2W, one UW, and one 50 pin internal SCSI port.

    The ATA ports are a little slow but are hardware compatible with modern
    large parallel IDE drives. I have a 160GB ATA133 Maxtor drive installed as
    my primary master IDE drive. The drive can't operate at it's full
    potential, but it works fast enough so that I am not impressed by more
    modern systems.

    SuperMicro's BIOS has been compatible with my big drive and both Promise and
    Highpoint add-on IDE RAID cards, but I am not using one now. An SATA 150
    add-on card would not be wasted except that SATA drives cost more than
    equivalent parallel ATA drives.

    The SCSI ports are better for real high performance hard drives. And, you
    can create bootable RAID arrays if you install an ARO-1130U2 RAIDPort card.
    BUT, the extra noise and heat may outweigh their high speed for large file
    transfers .

    You can still download the manual at:


    I recommend doing it now. SM may wipe it out whenever they feel like it.
    We're at least three generations out of date.

    You are correct about the video card scaling issue. I recently updated to a
    64MB MSI nVidia Geforce4 TI4200 AGP 4x video card. It scores about 5,000 3D
    Marks in 3DMark 2001SE. My GeForce2 GTS scored about 1500. Similar TI4200
    cards can score 15,000 3DMarks in faster systems. So, a cheap GeForce4
    TI4200/4400/4600/4800 is probably more appropriate than a Radeon X800XT.
    Paul G2053, Jul 24, 2004
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  3. A_Newsreader

    A_Newsreader Guest

    Thanks Paul for your reply.

    I'll take a look at these graphic's cards - are they still available
    new ??

    So, just to confirm, you say that I can install a SATA 150 hard disk
    into this machine and it will perform at it's maximum potential on
    this Mobo, even though it's a few years old ?? Ah, I need an addon
    card for this to work ?? (excuse my ignorance).
    A_Newsreader, Jul 27, 2004
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