P6N Firewire and USB problems

Discussion in 'MSI' started by cd-trader, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. cd-trader

    cd-trader Guest

    On My P6N motherboard the Firewire board does not show up in the
    device list even though it is on in the BIOS. I have actually tried
    it both ways.

    All devices say they are working, there are no device unknowns or
    anything like that in device manager. This occurs in either Win XP or
    Windows Vista Business. Also in Windows Vista, USB flash drives die
    and stop working in my other machine as well. In XO they work fine.
    External USB based hard drives work fine.

    Any suggestions.


    cd-trader, Feb 22, 2008
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  2. cd-trader

    KlaasvdHeide Guest

    Is there anyone who already tried to upgrade to an qaud core amd? MSI
    reports no support on the Nforce motherboards. My K9N Diamond they report no
    support. Is there a Diamond owner who did try it?
    The reason MSI gave to my is that there is no room for the code in the bios
    for the phenom q4. I can not understand that suchs an expensive board with a
    nforce 590 chipset is made with a to small bios chip. All Asus board with
    this chipset have phenom support. Did I buy the wrong board?
    KlaasvdHeide, Feb 26, 2008
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  3. cd-trader

    Paul Guest

    On an Asus Crosshair, the compressed size of the BIOS file increases by 40KB,
    for a BIOS that supported Phenom. That amount of code may be needed for
    the TLB bug fix or something. The compressed size of a BIOS, is a rough
    indication of how much space is being used in the EEPROM. The actual BIOS
    code is compressed already, and thus the ZIP cannot compress it further.
    So I use this, as an estimate of how much space is needed to hold the
    active, compressed code. My guess would be that the Crosshair, uses a
    1MB flash chip. So the flash chip on this Asus board, is about 60% full.


    On the BIOS page for the K9N Diamond here, the file sizes are at 480KB.
    Adding another 40KB would go over 512KB. (I cannot find a spec for the
    size of the K9N EEPROM flash chip - I'm trying to download a manual, but
    the transfer rate is so low right now, it'll never finish.) *If* the
    BIOS is a 512KB chip, then their claim may in fact be correct, that
    they cannot add another 40KB.


    When the Phenom B3 comes out, no TLB patch will be needed for that. But
    that doesn't mean a motherboard maker can entirely remove support for
    the older revisions of Phenom. So that 40KB patch, may need to be
    present, in order for a company to claim complete support for Phenom.
    Saying they support Phenom B3 or later, would not be quite as good
    (imagine the complaints from users who got an older Phenom).

    Paul, Feb 26, 2008
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