P6X58D Premium USB 3.0 speeds

Discussion in 'Asus' started by dave, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. dave

    dave Guest

    What kind of write speeds on a 1 gig movie file
    could I expect? I'm seeing about 20 MB/S to a
    Lexar LJDS73 16 gig stick. The strange thing is, it's
    the same speed on my 2.0 ports...
    I have updated my bios and the usb drivers to the latest.

    dave, Aug 6, 2013
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  2. dave

    Paul Guest

    To calibrate bus performance, you should be using read tests.
    If you use write tests, the flash chip performance could be
    the bottleneck. Reads offer the best opportunity for heroic

    Run HDTune benchmark against your S73 and see what you get.
    I have an S73, and I get 35MB/sec over USB2. I have no USB3
    to test with! The S73 can only go a little faster than that,
    over USB3. Maybe 45MB/sec reading. Test it and see.


    If you do better than I did (35MB/sec), then I'd say USB3
    protocols are working for you.




    Read Speed up to 45MB/s
    Write Speed up to 20MB/s

    There you go. You'll only be dazzled, during the HDTune
    read benchmark. If you see a flat line at 45MB/sec, it's all
    working as it should. On writes, you'll see little difference
    between USB2 ports and USB3 ports. Because the flash chips
    are the limit.

    Paul, Aug 7, 2013
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  3. dave

    dave Guest

    Thanks Paul.

    There doesn't seem to be any setting on HDTune to tell if it
    is benchmarking reads or writes.
    I am getting 33MB/s on usb 2 and 43MB/s on my usb 3 port. I was
    thinking my S73 was capable of more than that.

    dave, Aug 7, 2013
  4. dave

    Paul Guest

    That sounds reasonable.

    I got 35MB/sec on USB2.

    The 43MB/sec number, is slightly less than the 45MB/sec
    promised by the advertising copy.

    The thing is, for the S73, the 20MB/sec writes won't strain
    either USB2 or USB3. So we can't really do write tests and hope
    to prove anything.

    HDTune Free does reads only. HDTune Paid Version does both
    read and write. The Free version is safe, as all it can do
    is read testing.

    There are some USB3 sticks out there, which go faster than
    the S73. A little pricey though. Not quite as thick
    as the first generation Patriot quad-channel ones.


    Capacity 64GB
    Read Speed Up to 200MB/s
    Write Speed Up to 120MB/s

    I got my S73 on sale and have no complaints about it.

    Paul, Aug 7, 2013
  5. dave

    dave Guest

    Ditto for me on the S73...as a matter of fact I bought 3 of them! That gave
    me more storage space than the 32 gig one I was looking at, for the
    same money.
    No complaints, now that I know that is the speed it's capable of. I was
    thinking my MB had the problem.


    dave, Aug 8, 2013
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