P965 Platinum fails during XP install

Discussion in 'MSI' started by dannveld, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. dannveld

    dannveld Guest

    I am attempting to set up a new machine with the P965 Platinum MB.
    While installing Windows that system crashes as soon as the all the
    drivers are loaded and it says "Starting Windows" or words to that
    affect, meaning it is now going into graphics mode. I then get a blue
    screen with a long "STOP" address and a reference to pci.sys and
    another address.

    I am only using an IDE CD-RW and IDE HD. No SATA. I've installed a
    floppy drive so I could flash the BIOS. It is now current at version
    1.3. I have also tried to install the JMicron drivers (F6 during
    Windows setup), but the results were the same.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    dannveld, Feb 21, 2007
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  2. dannveld

    rblevow Guest

    Get the stop code, the first hex number on the blue screen. It gives
    a specific reason for the failure. Look it up in the MS Knowledge
    Base "Stop Code xxxxx" or Google the same to check for the reason and
    suggested fixes. Good luck.
    rblevow, Feb 25, 2007
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  3. dannveld

    torr Guest

    I had the same problem .
    Sounds like your installing winxp with service pack 1 or less.

    I think this board requires xp with service pack 2 to install , it solved my

    torr, Apr 7, 2007
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