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Discussion in 'MSI' started by Viper_iii, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Viper_iii

    Viper_iii Guest

    I had my 2003 Server loaded to a RAID-5 Array of 3-320gb WD Drives

    All was well until I had a drive begin to fail. Didn't tell me which
    drive but started to lock up and blue screen. Listening to the drives
    one was definitely beginning to crack. After a few reboots it would
    power up and begin the software rebuild inside the OS.

    Then fail again within a few hours. This box hosted several Virtual
    machines via VMware Server.

    When I went to replace the drive (now I know I pulled the incorrect
    drive) It wouldn't boot.

    Replaced the drive still no boot. Bios showed degraded and when I
    added the spare 320 it went into fail or at least it ended up that way
    after my mess.

    now I know which 2 drives are still good. however when I try to
    rebuild the raid array it cannot boot and just goes to a blank screen
    trying to access the drives. when I put the board into standard IDE
    mode it can see the drives.

    Has anyone had similar mistakes and know a good rebuild. I didn't have
    a clean backup of my VMDK's because I was on a RAID-5 but I have since
    done some raid recovery via GetDataBacks Raid Tool. however it only
    recovered one of my VMDK's for email but the other it got one VMDK the
    old SERVER OS Drive but not the storage and web drive. Instead the
    recovery saw that VMDK as a file system and has it all jacked up.
    files all over the place in there.

    Anyone know of a good way to recover the drives ... like rebuild the
    array and just start it?

    with 2 good disks I should be in degraded mode and should be able to
    kick it up and then rebuild again. but the MBR of the raid array is
    lost as far as I can tell.

    let me know what options you guys have found useful. Thx
    Viper_iii, Nov 14, 2007
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