Discussion in 'FIC' started by farmuse, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. farmuse

    farmuse Guest

    selling some older stuff , this is a great motherboard but I just
    do not have the time for it. I thought I would offer it for sale here
    before eBay.

    used PA-2007 with manual, a K6 2 400, and 128 MB ram. the board
    runs fine, I installed it for a friend in 1997, and later bought it back
    for my own collection. flashed to newest BIOS.

    best offer and I can provide references, paypal preferred. can ship
    USPS with dc, packed very well and shipped the same week

    reply to wythevillecat at earthlink dot net

    thanks and Happy New Year

    PS I am also selling a dual cpu Tyan with P III 450 and 256 ECC
    registered dimms best offer, very very well made motherboard
    farmuse, Jan 3, 2006
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