Packard Bell "DVD drive is empty" Nightmare

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by Primovant, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Primovant

    Primovant Guest

    I have a PB Club 79 that has suddenly stopped playing DVDs. I have
    wasted dozens of hours reinstalling this and uninstalling that, even
    longer trying to get some help from the seemingly useless PB website,
    and am on the verge of throwing the whole frickin' pc into the street.

    When I insert a DVD Soft DVD (Zoran) starts up but says "Failure! The
    DVD drive is empty". Yet I know that it isn't, and I know that the pc
    recognises CDs perfectly ok. Plus if I browse through the files, it
    lists the bloody DVD files, so why if it can do that e.g. acknowledge
    that there is a frickin' DVD in the frickin' DVD drive, do I keep
    getting the same error message?

    Of course, the PC is slightly out of warranty..... Odd, isn't it, how
    IT things start playing up just out of warranty?

    I called the PB helpline. After 30 minutes of holding, I was told to
    call another number. I called that and was told by a machine they were
    busy, and to leave my number, they would call back. Needless to say,
    they didn't.

    Any advice VERY welcome.

    Oh, and my advice: NEVER EVER buy a Packard bell anything....first the
    modem stopped working, requiring a new £50 piece of kit, now its the
    Primovant, Sep 29, 2003
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  2. Primovant

    Simon Guest

    Have you tried PowerDVD or any other type of DVD software?
    Most can be downloaded from the internet with some form of 30 day trial just
    to test it.

    As for the hardware, PB use standard propriatory hardware as seen in any
    system other than the cases and keyboards so you could well see the same
    gear in a Dell or Gateway. The only thing to be aware of is PB often reclaim
    hardware from faulty machines, test it and re-use it if tests ok.
    They used to print a note on the box at one point stating this after they
    landing in court for selling 2nd hand goods as new. But so did one or two
    other manufactureres, if you want peace of mind thesedays build your own pc.

    Simon, Sep 29, 2003
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  3. Primovant

    Gleninodor Guest

    Yeah, definitely try some other DVD s/w. Sounds like there could be a
    problem with the tattoo on your machine, just get a pc mag or go to and get a shareware player.
    Gleninodor, Sep 29, 2003
  4. Primovant

    Simon Guest

    Nah its not a Tattoo problem that only controls what software is installed
    when using the restore cds.
    Sounds more like a software incompatability, have you by chance reinstalled
    Zoran player and checked for any updates?

    Simon, Sep 29, 2003
  5. Primovant

    Primovant Guest


    Thanks for the response.

    I have been looking at everything possible and have established the

    My Intel 810 Chipset Graphics driver is missing driver enugfxCg.hlp
    and my PCI card (whatever that is) is missing drivers mtlport.vxd,
    Sclean.exe and Sclean.ini. I found this out on the Smart Restore
    section. It also gave me the message: "PCI Card unknown. This device
    has a problem. Drivers not installed correctly."

    But when I uninstall and reinstall, I still get the same problems.

    Also, some of the other stuff on my pc is playing up. I can't access
    PB Navigator (it loads but won't let me access any rooms) and when I
    try running Sytsem File Checker, I get told that an illegal operation
    has been attempted, so it closes.

    I tried downloading PowerDVD for a free trial. That wouldn't play, and
    I got the message "Error Code F4D41436. The TV out port of your
    display card is not working properly. This copy protected disc (e.g.
    the one I was trying to play) cannot be played when the TV out
    function is enabled."

    So it seems that there is a problem somewhere with either drivers, a
    TV out something, or a PCI card (none of which I know anything

    I asked Packard Bell for help and they sent an auotamted message
    telling to do a cold startup and to reinstall everything, which will
    mean having to do loads of backing up and involve much extra work.

    Any ideas aanybody?

    Thanks again.

    Primovant, Oct 1, 2003
  6. Primovant

    Elector Guest

    Hi P:

    I would hate to say this but, do you have anything of importance on the
    computer? If not I would say a simple reformat and install of the complete
    system would be in order. You can do this a few ways. Use a boot disk and
    select and then wipe the hard disk clean. Place a clean install
    of your operating system on the machine. See if a friend has the OS you
    need. Then you can extract the needed drivers from the Packard Bell Recovery
    cd and then see if all the devices function. That Navigator is a junk
    program, many folks have removed it from their PB because of the problems it

    After the system is up and running you should have a pretty smooth running

    Now the second way is to again use the PB diskette and place the cd in the
    cd rom and follow the prompts on the screen for a full reformat and restore.
    If that is the best way for you then at least it should be back to factory

    A PCI card is an add in card signified by the placement in your system in
    the white connection spot. ISA cards are inserted in Black connectors, and
    AGP if you have it is in TAN connectors. Your system may have an onboard
    graphics chip or a PCI or AGP card which all use drivers. Its the loading of
    these drivers or lack of is where the error messages are coming from.
    Conflicts or outdated or wrong drivers also can cause the problems you are

    Elector, Oct 1, 2003
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