PAL vs NTSC dvds, DVD

Discussion in 'Apple' started by D P Schreber, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. D P Schreber

    D P Schreber Guest

    Region codes aside, is the PAL vs NTSC distinction relevant when viewing
    a dvd in osx? Seems to me it shouldn't matter, but I'd like more info
    before I buy a region 0 PAL dvd with the expectation of watching it with
    DVD on my US-market G5 w/Pioneer DVR-107D SuperDrive.
    D P Schreber, Dec 21, 2005
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  2. D P Schreber

    Király Guest

    I'm the one who originally made that claim, based on only trying it once
    and getting it to work on a region 2 disc on my Mac with DVD drive set to
    region 1. Apple DVD player wouldn't play the disc at all, and VLC
    wouldn't either by using the Open Disc... command. But I was able
    to get VLC to play it if I used the Finder to navigate to one of the
    image files on the DVD and dragging that to VLC.

    But I have since tried this a few more times on other discs and it hasn't
    worked, the video is all scrambled. Go figure. Now I just use Mac the
    Ripper on my region 2 discs and burn new region-free copies of them, so I
    can view them on all of my players.

    For the OP, yes the newly ripped discs are still in PAL format and they
    play without a problem on my Mac here in NTSC-using Canada. My NTSC
    Philips player also converts PAL to NTSC on the fly so I can even watch
    them on my TV.

    Király, Dec 21, 2005
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  3. D P Schreber

    Warren Oates Guest

    I've just run into something called XinePlayer

    You don't need the xine libs unless you want to build from Xcode.
    Warren Oates, Dec 21, 2005
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