Panther Upgrade Disk 1 brings Open Firmware screen

Discussion in 'Apple' started by judyyyyjudy, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. judyyyyjudy

    judyyyyjudy Guest

    I wanted to start up from my Panther Upgrade Disk 1 to use Disk Utility
    to run Disk First Aid on my hard disk. I pressed the C key to start up
    as usual, and instead of the OSX Installer/Disk Utility option, I got
    an orange text only screen with something like, "Welcome to Open
    Firmware" (I think). It gave me the choice to shut down or continue
    booting. I typed shut-down and was able to start up with my Jaguar Disk
    1 and use Disk First Aid that way, but does anyone know why I got the
    orange screen? Later on I tried the Panther disk again and told it to
    continue booting, and then it booted in OS9 instead of OSX (separate
    drive). I have a G4/400 (one of the early models).
    judyyyyjudy, Feb 2, 2006
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