Parallel Port on a newer PC ???

Discussion in 'Dell' started by RnR, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. RnR

    WSZsr Guest

    The cable has a standard parallel port connector on one end and a standard
    USB connector on the other end. Think it cost $15 or $20 at Frys.
    WSZsr, Feb 1, 2007
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  2. RnR

    Ben Myers Guest

    Yes, it does. I keep a small number of cables in stock to deal with my
    client's needs for connecting a parallel printer to a USB port. The "cable"
    also has the necessary circuity built into the Centronics end to convert the
    Centronics-parallel electronic signals to USB and back again... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Feb 1, 2007
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  3. Yes, the parallel connector on the laserjet 4 is a Centronics connector.
    Barry Watzman, Feb 1, 2007
  4. You can buy Laserjet 4's for $20 to $50. Sometimes they are the "plus"
    models, sometimes they have the network (ethernet) interface card,
    sometimes they have Postscript.
    Barry Watzman, Feb 1, 2007
  5. Yes, generally at least (all of them that I've seen)
    Barry Watzman, Feb 1, 2007
  6. The big advantage of using the Ethernet cards is that if you have a home
    network and want to share the printer, the other people on the network
    can use it without any particular host computer having to be turned on,
    running and booted up.

    You can connect the printer to both one computer (via paralllel port
    (including parallel to USB adapter)) and to the network via the Ethernet
    port both at the same time. The printer is smart enough to keep the two
    print streams correctly separated if both send documents at the same time.

    [The Ethernet port is an option with a plug-in card that goes into a
    slot on the back of the printer.]
    Barry Watzman, Feb 1, 2007
  7. Probably not; the USB to parallel converter requires driver installation
    and is intended only for a PC. It might work on a print server, but
    there are no guarantees.
    Barry Watzman, Feb 1, 2007
  8. RnR

    RnR Guest

    Actually I learned today that you can get for about $70 (802.11g) or
    so, a wireless parallel print server which just plugs into where the
    cable would go. I don't know how well it works but it does exist.
    For now, since this laserjet printer is next to my pc and my pc never
    goes off, I'll use the parallel pci card that I ordered. The only
    negative this way is that I use up a slot but I still have one more
    slot available so I'll be okay for now. If I'm not, I'll get that
    wireless parallel print server.

    thanks for your help.
    RnR, Feb 1, 2007
  9. RnR

    Tom Scales Guest

    Yes, I have one of those. It has both a usb port and a parallel port and
    allows two printers. I have a color inkjet and a B/W Laser on it in the
    hall ourside our laundry room. The whole family uses those printers.
    Tom Scales, Feb 2, 2007
  10. RnR

    RnR Guest

    Thanks Tom for letting me know. The more I look at wireless print
    servers the more I want it tho I don't really need it. Gotta keep
    discipline about all this and just buy what I need <g>. BTW, I'm
    finally getting my xps 410 in working order. I still have things I
    want to do to it but at least I can use it for my business needs now.
    Its a nice pc. Thanks again Tom.

    OT: Tom, since you're in Florida, do you know any good real estate
    attorneys there that you can recommend? I will need to eventually
    contact one. thanks either way.
    RnR, Feb 2, 2007
  11. RnR

    Tom Scales Guest

    Nope, no lawyers for me :)
    Tom Scales, Feb 2, 2007
  12. RnR

    Ben Myers Guest

    No such thing as a good attorney. Now the attorney jokes can start.

    Do not call F. Lee Bailey. I think he is a FL attorney. Or maybe was. Seems
    he had a run-in with the law.

    Like I said: No such thing as a good attorney. Attorneys reading this NG can
    take offense. Then look in the mirror.

    .... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Feb 2, 2007
  13. More like an encounter with the Grim Reaper.

    I agree lawyers, as a group, richly deserve the jokes floating around;
    however, I have used the same attorney for > 25 years now for all
    general purposes, e.g., real estate, incorporating a business, divorse,
    etc., and I would recommend him without reservation. When I needed to
    consult an attorney who specializes in workplace law, my attorney
    referred me to another attorney who I would also recommend without
    reservation. I found their work to be first rate and never had the
    impression that were pissing away my $$$, running up their bills, etc.

    YMMV, of course.
    Sparky Spartacus, Feb 2, 2007
  14. RnR

    Jim Higgins Guest

    Make and model, please?
    Jim Higgins, Feb 2, 2007
  15. RnR

    Tom Scales Guest

    It's a Linksys, but I don't recommend it. It requires software on all the
    client machines and works, but has overhead I don't like.
    Tom Scales, Feb 2, 2007
  16. RnR

    RnR Guest

    Ok, thanks anyway Tom. Incidentally I decided to buy one wireless
    printer server for future considerations. It wasn't that much more
    money than the wired one.
    RnR, Feb 2, 2007
  17. RnR

    Jim Higgins Guest

    Thanks. I don't like it as you describe it either. I'd prefer a more
    transparent solution. Thanks again.
    Jim Higgins, Feb 3, 2007
  18. RnR

    JDa™© Guest

    It will come full circle one day. Its always better to off load certain
    tasks to a device designed to handle that task, thus freeing up valuable
    cpu resources. Course with the lack of programs to actually utilize the
    current crop of dual/quad core cpu's why not have the cpu handle that
    low level printer spooling and stuff.... (bad programming if you ask me!)
    Theres not a damn thing wrong with the parallel port other than its not
    new tech its old school. Same goes for the PS/2 keyboard and mouse
    ports. Theres nothing wrong with then either.

    Barry Watzman, did transcribed the following::
    JDa™©, Dec 15, 2007
  19. RnR

    S.P. Guest

    I didn't know, which will solve my problem, is that they make a
    Another choice is a cable with a USB plug on one end and a Centronics plug on the other end. I have one that works excellently. I
    believe Belkin made it. That way you do not take up a PCI slot.
    S.P., Dec 16, 2007
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