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Password not recognized

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by sAndrO, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. sAndrO

    sAndrO Guest


    I can not download mail from the server "in.alice.it" and
    systematically receive this message:

    "Sending of password failed. in.alice.it The mail server responded:
    invalid user or password"

    I tried to make the account several times, nothing to do.
    Other mails of other servers are downloaded regularly instead.

    I think that this problem has manifested itself after I replaced the
    passwords, but I'm not sure. On the other hand, for other accounts, it's
    all right, even after changing the passwords. Why "in.alice.it" does
    nnot recognize the pw?
    My server is ALICE

    Thank you and cordiality.

    My english...........
    sAndrO, Mar 9, 2011
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