Password Reset on Netfinity 5000

Discussion in 'IBM' started by Todd hayward, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Todd hayward

    Todd hayward Guest

    Hello All,

    I recently bought a Netfinity 5000 on eBay, and when it arrived, it
    has a power-on password. I downloaded the operators manual from IBM,
    and it told me to put dip-8 (SW1) in the ON position to bypass the
    password. However, I believe that the password was set in
    ADMINISTRATOR ONLY mode, and as such, the dip-switch will not bypass
    the password prompt.

    The documentation says that if you forget or lose the password, the
    only thing to do it replace the system board.

    Has anyone figured out a way around this annoyance? I am certain that
    the system is light-years out of warrenty, and I would have to pay
    some serious clams to get them to send me a new system board.

    Thanks in advance,

    Todd hayward, Jul 14, 2003
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