Pavilion and non-Windows XP?

Discussion in 'HP' started by Guest, Jul 8, 2003.

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    Have a Pavilion that came out at the same time as Win XP was released

    XP (Home) having issues loading Norton AV 2003 - installs and rolls back and
    does not install.
    HD removed and scanned by another computer - no virus
    Ran Norton RNav and then install - still no install.

    This is not really the crux of my inquiry which is:

    First computer did not come with restore disks and had to be special ordered

    Just prior to trying restore I booted to safe mode to check a couple of
    things and noticed OS identified itself as "Whistler".
    This was the pre-release name for XP.
    The version reported by the OS is Build 2600

    Was I gypped by HP and am not running the real thing??
    Guest, Jul 8, 2003
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