Pavillion N5270

Discussion in 'HP' started by Chuck, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck Guest

    Does anyone know if the N5270 will run on A/C with a bad battery?

    I've been having odd problems . . .
    The screen goes black, and the entire machine stops responding. The only
    solution is to force the machine to power down and reboot.

    I've already re-done my entire machine . . . so it's not a virus or a driver
    issue. It seems to be definitely hard-ware related.

    I am wondering if:
    1. I have a bad battery
    2. There is something inside involving power conversion that is amiss.

    I do know that the machine craps out if running on just the A/C with no
    battery after about 5 minutes.
    With the battery in, if the A/C adapter is plugged in, it will crap out
    after about an hour.
    With the battery "full" and no A/C adapter plugged in . . . the machine will
    run until it says to switch to A/C, but then goes another 20 minutes and
    then I'm warned to switch to A/C again, it goes another 5 to 10 minutes then
    totally dies (no power).
    Usually, after the first "warning" I plug the adapter in.

    Any ideas?
    Chuck, Aug 5, 2004
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