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PC Case OEM manufacturer-Shenzhen Kimprofit Elec.-Sales:Sam,email:sam@kimprofit.com

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Kmpfit, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Kmpfit

    Kmpfit Guest

    Shenzhen Kimprofit PC Case Co., a China Mainland professional OE
    manufacturer of producing PC Case, rack mount server case, power suppl
    etc. More products, pls visit:http://www.kimprofit.com/ew/eyjxl1.htm, w
    are seeking good partner and distributor to expand your and our marke
    and brand name.

    Kimprofit PC Case Co.Covers 22,000 square meters, owns punches Fro
    40t to 160t, various plastics injection machines, full set paintin
    lines, Present annual production capacity is 2500,000 sets of compute
    cases, and will Be expanded to 4500,000 sets after the second phas

    We are glad to provide your company best machining service t
    expand Your market and increase you brand fame.

    Any query about us, pls reply us on line and tell us your contac
    information, we will contact you ASAP.

    Sam Hu (Welcome to contact)
    ShenZhen Kimprofit Electronics Co.,Ltd
    Add:New Industrial Zone, Liguang Cun,Guanlan,Baoa
    Kmpfit, Nov 7, 2005
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