PC/Mainboard temporarely does not turn on

Discussion in 'ECS' started by =?iso-8859-1?Q?Axel_P=F6tzinger?=, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I´v got the problem that my pc with P6ISA-II-board, after switching off,
    does not turn on again.

    I ´ve changed all parts, but not the board.

    When the problem occurs, I can´t switch on any more. It´s just dead. Most
    times after disconnecting all parts (HD, Disk, CD-Rom) from mains, I can
    switch on again and everything works fine.

    Anybody an idea, what this can be.

    I´m rather frustrated, cause I don´t know what to do.

    =?iso-8859-1?Q?Axel_P=F6tzinger?=, Jul 29, 2003
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