PC Randomly Freezes. I Am Stumped!!

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Rubydog, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Rubydog

    Rubydog Guest

    Last January I built an inexpensive PC for my sister:

    Soyo SY-7IS2 board
    1100 Mhz Celeron (Coppermine)
    30 GB Maxtor 7200 rpm
    512 MB PC133 ValueRam
    Liteon CD-ROM
    48x Verbatim CDRW
    Nvidia TNT2 Ultra 32MB PCI
    SoundBlaster Live Value
    Belkin/Realtek NIC
    Win XP Home

    Up until three weeks ago, it had been performing flawlessly. She was surfing
    the web & the PC locked/froze up. She had to press the reset but to reboot.
    Unfortunately, from that moment on her PC locks up randomly. It locks up
    during the BIOS, during Windows disk error check, Windows loading & if it
    manages to load successfully, within seconds of starting to web surf or
    using an app like Word. Only pressing the reset button will unfreeze it.

    She did not change or install any new hardware or software on this PC before
    the problem started.

    I have tried numerous methods of troubleshooting without success:

    1. Various RAM configurations including using sticks from my PC.
    2. Removing the Soundcard & NIC.
    3. Swapping in a different power supply.
    4. Changing the IDE ribbon cable.
    5. Unplugging the optical mouse & just using the keyboard.
    6. Disconnecting the CD drives.
    7. Clearing the CMOS.

    I looked at Windows Event Viewer and there are no errors reported. The CPU
    has a good copper heatsink & fan (using Arctic Silver) & I am certain it's
    not a temp problem. The lock ups always occur during boot up are within
    seconds or a few minutes of boot up.

    I am pretty sure it's hardware related...There are only three components I
    haven't checked yet:
    1. Motherboard
    2. Hard drive
    3. Video card

    I have an old Seagate 3GB drive I am planning to try, & I have an old ATI
    16MB Rage card I can install.

    I am leaning towards a bad motherboard...Any ideas or suggestions?

    Please help.

    Rubydog, Dec 14, 2003
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  2. Rubydog

    farmuse Guest

    If you have tried a new stick of ram, one stick and it didnt work
    any better, then I would suspect power supply. What brands ? what total
    watts ? lockups are hard to diagnose ~ could even be software. But since
    it happens very close to boot up, like before windows and drivers load
    then hardware issue is more logical. Some other things to try are going
    into the BIOS and setting the bus speed manually. Set the cpu and dimm
    voltages manualy. Esp the AGP voltage, that helped for me with a Radeon
    9500, upped it to 1.6v and all is well ~

    hope this helps
    farmuse, Dec 14, 2003
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  3. Rubydog

    Woobie Guest

    Pardon if I didn't read everything about your message, but did you try
    safe mode? Maybe you (or your sister,) installed software that conflicts
    with something and shuts down your system. Did you try system recovery?
    Also, there have been so many "worms" and virii, I would check to make sure
    your virus software is up-to-date." Lastly, what's your system temp.?
    Woobie, Dec 14, 2003
  4. Rubydog

    Chuck Davis Guest

    It may not be heat related, but have you tried plugging the CPU's fan
    onto another power location? My KT333 has 2 cpufan power slots.

    Have you tried cleaning the contacts of your cards & ram ... very
    carefully take a pencil eraser and rub the connectors, to remove any
    corrosion that may have developed. Be sure to not touch the

    Try plugging the card into different pci slots.

    Remove everything from the computer but the hard drive, all but 1 cd
    drive, floppy, and video card.

    I am sure you must have tried this, but will throw it out:

    Remove the case and power up the system. I did this on my SOYO KT333
    with similar problems, and saw the CPU fan would not come on, not even
    on the 2nd cpufan power connector. The fan might be quiting after a
    few minutes?

    If you can, try swapping another power supply with the one in your
    sister's pc. Oh, you did that, never mind.

    Check the case under the motherboard and be sure that something is not
    shorting it out. I once unknowingly lost a screw under the board.

    Be sure that everything that is plugged into the board is pressed down
    completely, since some things came vibrate loose after a long time of
    use. Be sure the cmos chip is pressed firmly in.

    Chuck Davis, Dec 18, 2003
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