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PC Won't Start With CD-ROM Drive Plugged in

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Gremlin Dude, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Gremlin Dude

    Gremlin Dude Guest

    Greetings! i got me a little problem here...my pc has been known to
    be a little unstable, but this is just damn ridiculous...well it
    started yesterday when i turned my pc on in the morning, and it
    started up, reached the very first part of the bootup (some white
    screen thing showing the manufacturer of the motherboard i think) then
    it stops there. well i thought that maybe my CD-ROM drive was the
    problem (because it had problems before where certain arrangements of
    IDE cables plugged into it would cause the pc to not start, if u get
    wot i mean here) so i unplugged the CD-ROM drive and , ta-da! it
    worked again and booted up fine. if neone knows wots causing this
    then could they please tell me because it is gettin a bit irritating
    having to unplug the CD-ROM drive everytime i wish to start the PC.

    ooh, also, after i have booted up with the CD-ROM unplugged, i can
    shut down and then plug it back in and the pc will boot up fine again!

    other than this problem, the pc works, er, fine-ish. lol

    ta muchley people!
    Gremlin Dude, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. Gremlin Dude

    Gremlin Dude Guest

    just to add an update...by the looks of it, my PC still won't boot
    with the CDROM plugged in, even after the pc has been on for a
    bit...so it doesnt work at all....

    shud a PC not start if a non-working CD-ROM drive is plugged in to the
    motherboard? newho, replys will be much appreciated!


    Gremlin Dude, Oct 17, 2003
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  3. Gremlin Dude

    Gremlin Dude Guest

    yet another update...still cant start the pc with the cdrom drive
    plugged in, but in My Computer, it tells me i have a SCSI DVD ROM
    Drive plugged in! WHAT?!?! my motherboard doesnt even support SCSI
    and i dont own a DVD ROM drive....and when i tried to uninstall it,
    the computer reset improperly and took a damn age to restart...what
    the hell is goin on?!?!
    Gremlin Dude, Oct 17, 2003
  4. Gremlin Dude

    ray Guest

    try plugging it in on a different I/O controller also check the IDE
    cabl (if its loose/bad)
    ray, Oct 18, 2003
  5. Gremlin Dude

    Noc Guest

    Check to make sure the cable select is on either master or cable
    select. Often times having the jumper setting on the drive different
    that its placement on the ide cable can cause the symptoms you
    Noc, Oct 20, 2003
  6. Gremlin Dude

    Gremlin Dude Guest


    hi again. the pc still wont work properly...and still needs to be
    booted up without the CD-ROM in to work, and the CD-ROM will only like
    being plugged in once the pc has been on for an hour or 2, then turned
    off and plugged in. i tried all your suggestions (and thanks for
    them) but none of them worked....so now i am back to square one. i
    still have device manager telling me i have a SCSI DVD-ROM drive,
    which as i stated IS IMPOSSIBLE! and it is gettin a tad annoying.
    neone else got ne suggestions cos i dont wanna have to re-install
    windowsXP cos i got s**t loads of stuff to back up, and it gonna take
    ages to do so. more ideas will be much appreciated!


    Gremlin Dude, Nov 17, 2003
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