PC3500 DDR with 865/875PE Chipset Boards??

Discussion in 'Abit' started by bucko, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. bucko

    ElJerid Guest

    This is really hard to believe !!!
    If set at ratio 1:1, your Corsair 217 (434) MHz rated memory should run in
    cas2 at 246 MHz without any problem...
    Professional testers like www.bit-tech.net write the following after testing
    the (paired) Corsair DDR3500 modules:

    As expected, when running at the manufacturers rating, the memory performed
    perfectly. Unfortunately, when it comes to overclocking, the memory turned
    out to be expectedly limited. Allowing only a 3MHz increase in speed taking
    it up to 220MHz. Although this was achieved using aggressive timings,
    relaxing the timings made no practical difference. The system would boot
    into Windows XP at 222MHz but was very unstable. (An unstable overclock is
    no overclock at all).
    Max Memory Speed Best CAS Latency Timing
    220MHz (440MHz DDR) 2 - 2 - 3 - 6 - 1T


    The memory does what it says on the box. It runs perfectly at 217MHz,
    (434MHz DDR), with aggressive timings. This makes it one of the fastest
    modules currently available. Unsurprisingly, this leaves very little
    overclocking headroom, less than 1%. Arguably, this makes it unattractive to
    overclockers but in reality this memory is capable of running at higher
    speeds than most people can currently reliably obtain from their systems. As
    such, most purchasers can be confident that it is not their memory holding
    them back in the overclocking stakes.

    To realise the full benefits of this ram it needs to be run synchronously
    with the CPU FSB. In other words the CPU FSB should be the same speed as the
    ram., (200MHz - 220MHz). This is difficult to achieve with stability for
    most current systems. Owners of nForce 2 motherboards and unlocked Athlons
    who can run at 200MHz FSB synchronously will see the best results from this

    A final point, the data sheet implies that only one memory module should be
    used. The memory specification can not be guaranteed when using multiple
    modules. Corsair is producing a range of matched module pairs designed to be
    used together. In the end this module from Corsair gives you get what you
    pay for, high performance RAM that does what the manufacturer claims. Just
    don't expect to overclock it!

    ElJerid, Nov 12, 2003
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