PC40 in SK43G with 256mb 9600 or 128 9800 Pro

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by kyle.isamurai, May 13, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    I've had my SK43G for a while now :
    AMD Athlon XP 2600+ @ ~1.9
    512 MB PC3200
    DVD/CD-RW combo
    Some floppy
    80 gb Western Digital HDD
    256mb 9600 and a 128mb 9800 Pro
    Some generic 7.1 channel PCI audio card

    The SK43G comes with the old 200Watt PFC power supply, and the Shuttle
    page says that this barebone doesn't support either of my cards. It's
    right. Whenever I start up a game of any sort or any other highly
    demanding program (visually) , randomly it will either : Have my
    monitor shut off completely; Completely freeze my whole shuttle; or
    freeze for a bit and then come back to normal.

    My friend made the system for me with the 9600 and obviously didn't
    read the support list, (and either did I when I ordered it from him,
    thought he was smart enough to see that). It didn't bother me at first,
    because it didn't happen often at all. I tried putting my 9800 Pro in,
    but it just made it happen more (plus the 9800 has you plug in the fan
    to a mole connector).

    As time went on, it would happen more often. I didn't have any money to
    fix it because I was very low, but I just got some money so I decided
    to get a PC40, thinking it would fix the problem. I looked at the
    shuttle barebones and saw that the only ones that didn't have
    compatibilty issues were the ones with the new SilentX PSUs and ALL of
    the old barebones (like mine), did have compatibilty issues.

    I also saw (can't remember what website) that it supplies more power
    for more demanding video cards. (I'm not sure what the direct quote

    I, regretfully, failed to research on forums and such to make
    completely sure that it would fix my problem.

    I recieved my PC40 today and installed it earlier. I started up with my
    9800 Pro and felt pretty confident it would run fine. It didn't. So I
    switched to my 9600 and the same normal problems came up.

    I'm disappointed that this didn't fix any of my problems, and a new
    video card that would suffice for my demanding video games would be way
    too much right now.

    I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do about this, or if this
    SHOULD have fixed my problem (I saw some optimistic posts around here
    about it fixing peoples problems).

    Thanks for any help.
    kyle.isamurai, May 13, 2005
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  2. kyle.isamurai

    Rich Guest

    I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do about this, or if this
    I use a PC40 in my SN45GV2 (comes as standard). I have a 128mb sapphire
    9800pro, dvd-rw, fdd & hdd all in the shuttle. I used to have a Barton Core
    XP 2500+ in the shuttle and all was fine.

    I upgraded to an XP-M 2600 so I could overclock - when I cranked up the
    voltage (to get it running stable at 2.4ghz) the 9800 pro started
    complaining on POST that the 'power cable wasn't connected', when clearly it

    I was initially running the 9800 off the same power spur as the DVD-RW. To
    remedy the problem, I connected the 9800 pro to its own power spur, used the
    HD and DVD-RW off the other one, and binned the floppy drive.

    System has been working fine & completely stable (and, I've got the 9800pro
    flashed to a 9800XT demanding yet more power) so perhaps the same will work
    for you?

    It's worth noting that the XP-M's consume less power, but given the
    overclock I have it running at it's probably sucking a fair bit of juice.


    Rich, May 22, 2005
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