PC400? What is the model of my Motherboard

Discussion in 'ECS' started by nonzero, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. nonzero


    Dec 2, 2006
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    I bought a motherboard on ebay, and the seller said it was an ECS DC400. The motherboard is actually a PCChips motherboard (which I have read is made by ECS), however, I cannot seem to find my motherboard on their site. The motherboard in the following link looks almost identical to this motherboard: http://www.pcchips.com.tw/PCCWeb/Products/ProductsDetail.aspx?DetailID=255&MenuID=22&LanID=2
    The only differences that I have noticed that are on my motherboard is that the large, gold colored heatsink in the center of my motherboard says "PC400," and next to the onboard audio is a female serial port. The reason I need to know this is because I don't know where the power switch, reset switch, speaker, etc. connect on the motherboard, since they are not labeled, meaning that I cannot even turn on the motherboard. If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it.
    nonzero, Dec 2, 2006
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