pci Video CArd won't fir in PCI slot

Discussion in 'HP' started by APrymak, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. APrymak

    APrymak Guest

    I am helping a friend upgrade from a built in graphics card to a pci-
    express graphics card. what i am seeing is the cards PCI connectors
    and the PCI slot on his Dell computer are reversed.

    Mother board: |____|_______________________| I/O plate at back of

    Card |_______________________|____| Digital/Analog and
    S-video output.

    I can't just reverse the card because the I/O would be towards the
    inside of the box. Am I crazy or missing something. THe card is for
    PCI Express 16X and the computer doesn't specify wether the slots are
    1x or 16x etc. would that matter. Every mother board I look at is
    the same and every graphics card I see images of are the same. I
    don;t see how they fit.
    APrymak, Sep 23, 2007
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  2. APrymak

    Colin Wilson Guest

    I am helping a friend upgrade from a built in graphics card to a pci-
    Have you got a PCI-e graphics card, and only standard PCI slots ?
    Colin Wilson, Sep 23, 2007
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  3. this is exactly what it sounds like to me. tell us the exact model dell
    that you have and what your goal it, and what your budget is and people can
    offer you some suggestions on what to buy.
    ps. you might get more response from the alt.sys.pc-cone.dell group... this
    group barely has a pulse.
    Christopher Muto, Sep 24, 2007
  4. APrymak

    thomasetc Guest

    The computer has regular (old) PCI slots. A PCI-E (express) card
    won't fit in an old style PCI slot. It's not meant to. Its a
    different communication standard. It would have helped everybody if
    those who designed these things didn't use PCI in the name of the PCI-
    E. They should have used a totally different acronym and an obviously
    different slot pattern, not one that's simply reversed and uses the
    same color. It was bound to cause confusion. The XFXforce
    installation guide (with a PCI-E card), for example, doesn't make the
    distinction between PCI and PCI-E... just refers to PCI !! Shame on
    thomasetc, Oct 13, 2007
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