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Performance anomaly noticed on SB2K and XVR-1200

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Bart, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Bart

    Bart Guest

    I've always been pretty disappointed in the generally snappiness of my
    SB2K and XVR-1200. Even given its age and lineage, I always felt that
    there was enough hardware there (dual 1.2ghz CPUs/8gb RAM) that it
    should be quicker on easy 2D desktop tasks.

    Here is a performance anomaly I just noticed:

    Using Solaris 10 and any window manager such as JDS, CDE, WM, etc -

    - Open XMMS and start playing something with the VU meters active.
    - Click, hold, and drag any other window title bar like an open
    - Notice the vu meters on xmms will freeze until you release the mouse

    WTF? I can't reproduce this on even a lowly SS20 with SX graphics and
    solaris 9.

    Can anyone try and reproduce this. I'd like to know if it's normal or
    if I should start looking at some sort of Xsun patch.
    Bart, Oct 21, 2010
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