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Periodic blinking of Win7 display with external monitor

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Dabbler, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Dabbler

    Dabbler Guest

    I've installed the 64-bit Windows 7 on my tx1410us notebook in a
    separate partition while leaving the 32-bit Vista also on, though in a
    much smaller partition than originally. Windows 7 installed a dual boot
    loader, so I can boot into either OS. Then I attached a 23" Samsung
    2333HD LCD monitor to it as an external monitor that also has a built-in
    HD QAM TV tuner. Its native resolution is 1920x1080 at 60 Hz. The
    notebook's GEForce Go 6150 graphics chip can drive the monitor at that
    resolution with 32-bit colors. The external monitor's display looks
    great except one thing: it blinks randomly, getting dark for about a
    second and then everything is OK till the next blink. The notebook's
    display blinks with the external monitor when they are set up in clone
    display mode, both at the laptop's native 1280x800 res. However, the
    notebook display does not blink when it runs without the external
    monitor. There is no blinking at all in Vista WITH OR WITHOUT the
    external monitor. I hope you could visualize my situation from the above

    It looks to me that the blinking in Win 7 has to do something with the
    64-bit Nvidia display driver that was installed by the Win7 setup and I
    wonder if anybody else experienced this problem and knows a way to fix
    Dabbler, Nov 23, 2009
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  2. Dabbler

    BillW50 Guest

    In Dabbler typed on Mon, 23 Nov 2009 12:16:38 -0800:
    Well this is just my opinion which might not mean much in this case, but
    it seems most manufactures are having video card driver problems for
    Windows 7 right now. I think we just have to be a little patient.
    BillW50, Nov 24, 2009
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  3. Dabbler

    Dabbler Guest

    Well, I take your word for it. On the other hand, I hope posts like mine
    help manufacturers to become aware of the problem.
    Dabbler, Nov 24, 2009
  4. Happy to have seen this posting. It explains what's hapenning here.
    I have had exactly the same problem, although with a different
    In my case it's a Toshiba laptop whose screen has broken, connected to
    an external 24 inch monitor. I've set the resolution to 1600 x 1200, as
    being the nearest I could get to the monitor's 1920 x 1200.
    I'm using the 32 bit Win 7.

    Guess I'll go back to XP on this machine when the 30 days Windows
    validation period expires.
    Salvador Freemanson, Nov 24, 2009
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