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Peter Cousens abuses of his PICLIST moderator position for stupid personal revenge

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by nr, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. nr

    nr Guest

    Mr. Cousens,
    you are abusing of your public position for lousy personal reasons
    that are totally off-list, you're illecitly revenging for something
    that (if it's even important) you started against me, not viceversa
    and that, being personal, has nothing to do with the PICLIST you're
    blocking my messages to, vilely abusing of your moderator position.

    You bounched off also my previous message, was it inappropriate too?

    --- [quoting] ---

    Subject: Re: [EE] simple universal ACDC power supply PWM power IC

    I think that if he uses a toroidal inductor the problem should go,
    shouldn'it? Toroidal shape makes north/south poles cancel each
    other, if I'm not mistaken.


    --- [end of quoting] ---

    There're no excuses, you're acting just like a fascist with power,
    and I will spread the word around. It's a pity that the PICLIST is
    moderated by frustrated kids like you which abuse of the delicate
    moderator position for personal, stupid, reasons. You're too immature
    for the rule you're abusing.

    [ copy of this post has been sent to Usenet newsgroups and other forums ]

    nr, Nov 11, 2004
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